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Moving in Summer Be Aware of Heat

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Moving in Summer Be Aware of Heat

Moving in Summer Be Aware of Heat

Moving in Summer Be Aware of Heat

moving summer heat,moving heat, heat exaustion, hydration, hot, As the heat approaches 100 degrees, it is hard to believe this is just the 1st day of summer. Summer is moving season. The weather can make a relocation a dangerous endeavor.  Whether you choose to relocate yourself or to employ a professional moving company, the heat is a factor to take into account. Exerting yourself packing, moving & lifting raises your body temperature and it can take a while to get your core body temperature back down. Heat stroke & heat exhaustion.

Some Tips to aid in moving in the heat

  • A move is a marathon, not a sprint pace yourself
  • Load day is just the halfway point, don’t overdo it there is plenty to do to set up a new home
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • Take breaks, at least one 10 minute break per hour
  • Relax blessed are the flexible for they will not break
  • Starting your move early in the morning to take advantage of the cooler hours

If Admiral Movers can help with questions, call (334) 262-6666 or you can always “Request A Quote.”


Interiors Services

Interiors Services

Interior Services

Bobby McAlpine Residence McAlpine Interiors McAlpine Interiors Interior Service Sabel Office Conference room McAlpine Interiors

Interior Design Receiving, Delivery, Warehousing & Installation

Admiral will take care of receiving, tracking, delivering and installing furniture & interiors. You take care of your project & your client Admiral will handle the hassle. Our Interior Services team has been serving Architects, Interior Designers and their clients for over 27 years. Whether at Rosemary Beach, Lake Martin, Atlanta or her in Montgomery we have got you covered.

Interior Service Sabel Conference room McAlpine Tankersley office Sabel Mansion Fireplace Interiors McAlpine Tankersley Architecture McAlpine Tankersley Architecture Bobby McAlpine Sabel Mansion John Sease McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors Interior Services McAlpine Tankersley Architecture






Interior Moving, Storage and Support Services Click Here.


Preparing For The Challenges Of Moving Medical Records

Preparing For The Challenges Of Moving Medical Records

Preparing For The Challenges Of Moving Medical Records

Contributed by Scott McNelley
Admiral Movers

Moving a medical facility is no small feat. You’ve got specialized equipment to consider, timing and tracking concerns, security issues and more. Even something as simple as deciding on the order in which to equip and furnish a new facility can involve multiple management teams and months or even years of planning.

But while you’re planning to move equipment, furnishings, incidentals and even staff from one location to another, how carefully are you considering moving one of your most valuable and vital assets of all – your medical records?

ID Theft Prevention Tips

Medical Records ID Theft Prevention Tips

Hospitals and medical facilities face special challenges when planning and executing a successful move and one of those challenges lies in the quantity and variety of vital and sensitive information that you’re responsible for safeguarding.

From digital to physical paper copies, your hospital and administration is the gatekeeper between patients and identity theft. Think about what you have within your care: social security numbers, driver’s license information, phone numbers, address and credit card data, medical histories and other highly personal details that make hospitals prime targets for thieves.

Adding to your challenges, you’re likely obliged to follow retention and storage regulations, which means you may indeed have a lot more data than is apparent. The possibility of “low tech” breaches is especially high given that many medical facilities have basements and storage areas full of paper documents that are easily stolen, copied or photographed. The low probability that a thief will be caught makes the temptation that much stronger and leaves your hospital open to serious liability, including loss of reputation, costs and significant PR issues.

During a move it’s essential to take effective measures to protect this data for the very reason that it is so sensitive and so easily stolen. Moreover, HIPPA rules are stringent in protecting patient data, which means your medical facility is responsible for complying with regulations.

With so much at stake, how do you ensure that medical data and records are protected? Let’s take a look at some of the weak spots in the moving chain so you can understand where your risks lie, and then discuss best practices for mitigating risk.

Types Of Risk

Your risk essentially falls into two broad categories: low tech breaches and high tech theft.

Both of these types of risk can come from internal or external sources – meaning data can be stolen by anyone from employees and internists to cleaning and maintenance crews, utility repair crews or even the very moving company you’ve entrusted to safely transport your records and files.

Low tech risk comes into play when your basement or other storage areas are stacked with boxes and filing cabinets full of financial and billing information, old medical records and more. In addition, you’ve probably never considered your trash cans to be a source of liability, but even discarded notes, extra photocopies or other paper trash can contain sensitive data that is easy to lift.

This highly concentrated volume of data is a goldmine for thieves. Using equipment as simple and ordinary as a digital camera, someone can photograph financial information, personal details and more, and have this data transferred to a third party and sold on the open market to identity thieves long before you suspect it’s happened.

Low tech theft can also occur during a move if boxes are left unattended, even for a short period of time, or if your moving company has hired “day labor” without conducting thorough background checks.

High tech theft is less common, simply because thieves can so effortlessly steal information with hardly more than a smart phone, but it’s important to understand your vulnerable spots so you can protect your facility and patients. High tech theft occurs when computers, servers, even copiers and faxes are not secured properly, leaving data and networks open to prying eyes.

Again, thieves can come in the form of internal staff or labor hired for a move who understand and exploit these vulnerabilities.

Given the amount and sensitivity of data you must protect and the ease with which it can be appropriated for criminal activity, it’s important to understand how to mitigate those risks, reduce your liability and keep data protected.

How To Mitigate Low Tech Risk Of Data Theft During A Move

Given the complexities of a medical move, you may be surprised by how some rather simple steps can prevent data theft. All it takes is planning and putting the right systems in place.

It begins with hiring a qualified moving company that you can entrust with your medical records and sensitive data, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First, here are some practices that your moving company must employ, starting with securing boxes and making sure they are never left unattended.

Boxes that are loaded onto trucks and then left while the loading continues are prime targets. It doesn’t take much for a quick snap of a camera or even for a whole box to go missing.

But simply watching boxes is not enough – they must be protected even before leaving your building. That means being aware of unguarded entry points into your building during a move and taking steps to prevent people from simply walking in and out unnoticed.

Additional precautions can be taken, including prohibiting movers or other personnel from bringing personal technology like cameras or smart phones into the building during a move.

And remember to secure those trash cans. It can be especially tempting during a move to discard unneeded paperwork, which may well go on to become a nightmare for your patients and administration.

How To Mitigate Risk Of A Technology Breach During A Move

Again, a qualified moving company will play a large role in standing between you and data theft. But understanding technology vulnerabilities will go a long way to ensuring that you’re not inadvertently leaving loopholes for thieves to slip through.

For example, did you know that every copier, fax or multifunction device in your building is likely to have a large quantity of sensitive data in memory? And did you know that even engaging the “locks” on those devices is insufficient because a thief with a small bit of technical knowledge can easily break them?

That makes it imperative to properly secure technology during a move – from the obvious like desktop computers and servers to the less obvious like copiers and fax machines.

And beware decommissioning. It’s not uncommon for old equipment to be sold, discarded or left behind and new equipment placed in the new facility. If that’s part of your moving plan, be sure to deal with the memory in each decommissioned piece of equipment. It may very well contain a treasure trove of billing records, patient charts and other information just waiting to be swiped.

Finally, be sure to check networks to see whether data is stored elsewhere. Anything you overlook is open to thieves.

Vetting And Hiring A Qualified Moving Company

Long before moving day, you need to find and vet a moving company to trust with your most invaluable assets.

Begin by conducting a background check to ensure that you’re engaging a reputable and reliable company.

Inquire about the company’s employees, specifically whether the company has a qualified team that is trained in handling high-value assets, dealing with privacy issues and mitigating security risk. Avoid companies that simply assign day labor or temps to handle your job, or those unfamiliar with your liability and data protection needs.

A reputable and experienced moving company will be able to educate you about your liabilities for both high and low tech breaches and take specific measures to avoid theft, including handling any of the scenarios mentioned here.

Ask about secure chain of custody. A moving company that understands medical liability will know how to provide proof that data was secured and untouched from first contact through final arrival. And ensure that the company employs a chain of command that avoids leaving individuals alone with sensitive data. In fact, a truly experienced company will prohibit its own employees from entering your building with cameras or even personal cell phones, going so far as to use walkie talkies to communicate.

Finally, the company you choose should provide you with the proper contracts and agreements, including a Confidentiality Agreement and a Business Associates Agreement, the latter of which is required between a hospital and any third party that has access to private data.

Why Trust CRN?

The Commercial Relocation Network (CRN) is a membership organization made up of the largest and most successful office and industrial relocation companies in the country, which makes it an excellent resource if you’re looking to hire a moving company. An executive committee of industry professionals is dedicated to having only “Best in Class” service providers who have built trusted reputations through experience, accountability and service.

When you work with a CRN member, you are assured that the company has already been vetted and brings an advanced skillset to the table. Their employees have also been vetted and are trained in all aspects of security to proactively mitigate your exposure to risk.

Network members collaborate, share experiences, information and knowledge and engage in partnerships to bring the advantage of their unique specialties to your service.

With a commitment to quality and service, the knowledge to put agreements and contracts in place that will protect your organization and a reputation that follows them from one successful project to another, CRN members are prepared to meet your moving needs.

If you have any questions about moving medical records, please contact us and let us know how we can make your move a success. Fill out the form to the right or call (877) 816-3454

Customer Focused Business Will Prosper

Customer Focused Business Will Prosper

Customer Focused Customer Driven

Focusing intensely on customer satisfaction is the key to building any business. Loyal customers willing to recommend you over competitors is vital to long-term success, profit and growth.

You can achieve growth without fanatical customer service. But in my opinion building a following of “FANatics” ensures business stability and profitability for the long haul. Don’t be concerned with short-term gains. Be focused on exceeding every customer’s expectations every day.

Focusing on Profit First Ensures You Will Not Last

When I started my first business, Admiral Movers while I was in college. It was not till our fourth year for that we actually became profitable. This seems like a long time. But I felt strongly that if I took better care of the customer than anyone else could or would success was inevitable.

I could have gotten there faster, but I was determined to do it the right way. Every day, every customer needed to receive more than what they were promised. I wanted each first time client to see us as special. To this day 26 years later I draw incredible satisfaction when a customer calls in that we moved during those first few years. When these return customer’s call and tell the story of our humble beginning and what we felt we wanted to do I cannot explain to you the satisfaction.

Do the right things persistently and consistently

I felt deeply that by delivering radical service value would carry us to where we wanted to be. Expect ups and downs, in the end you will never be disappointed that you delivered as promised persistently and consistently.

Don’t allow the desire for short-term gain to trump treating every customer the way you would want to be treated. No doubt people are concerned about price but at the end of the day people want to be able to trust the folks they do business with. Be that partner and success is assured.

Recognizing Leaders & Building on Success

In 1984,1985 & 1986 I began studying Ed Katz owner of Peachtree Movers. I was working my way through college at Auburn University moving utilizing trucks normally used to transport rock & roll band equipment. Our profits were measured in hundreds or thousands. Ed Katz was working in a market that was exclusive & more lucrative. I took notes, read articles in industry trade magazine Direction. I called often to pick the brain of this forward thinking inventor.

Biz Plan, Better Mousetrap & a Bit of Dreaming

Little did I know but my inquiry & curiosity led to an informal but focused business plan. I went to some of my mentors with the idea of an elite commercial relocation company. Upon partnering with my lawyer & investor George Azar the first call we made was to Ed Katz. My partner & I spent a long Saturday together soaking up everything we could.

A new venture for us both, Ed Katz shared that he had been toying with the idea of teaching others about office moving. Ed solidified plans to teach office moving to others after our visit. While I was starting a business, Ed Katz took the step to becoming the office-moving guru that he is today. Unknowingly we became his first students for office moving which now finds Ed as the proven leader in office relocation.

Customer Focused Office Movers

Customer Focused Office Movers Admiral Movers Continues To Innovate 26 Years Later.

To learn more about the customer focused team at Admiral please fill out the form to the right or call 334-262-6666 we are here to help.


Affordable Care Act Healthcare Struggles

Affordable Care Act Healthcare Struggles

Affordable Care Act Healthcare Struggles To Adapt

As the healthcare industry struggles to adjust to the Affordable Care Act the central theme has become apparent.  Streamlining systems and workflows to achieve lower costs is key. Doing more or the same with fewer dollars is the new reality. Affordable Care Act Technology medical records storageThe trick is quality must not be sacrificed, in fact if anything quality needs to improve. The speed at which restructuring must occur can be a bit unsettling. Sometimes if one becomes too focused on sheer numbers quality can take a hit.

If quality service is sacrificed patient loyalty and revenue will be diminished. As revenue shrinks then more cuts would be needed. This cycle will be tough to get out of.

Call it the economy of effort, the law of parsimony or simply effective efficiency. Gaining more output with the same resources or gaining the same output while employing fewer inputs is the goal.

Having done large-scale industrial moves, hospital relocation corporate headquarters and banks for 27 years, the economy of effort courses through every aspect of our service. Transition planning, communicating effectively with all stakeholders to achieve expected efficiency is critical to the overall success of the project.

Lastly successful execution including plenty of workarounds for the unexpected is the culmination and true measuring tape with which all will be judged. A relocation that allows the client to see patients and producing revenue with minimal downtime is a success.

We have 15-20 experienced well-trained office movers that think and are talented in minimizing the workload to achieve the customers objective in the quickest way possible is where the rubber meets to road. Effective economy of effort achieves lower costs for the client which should be the goal of the Affordable Care Act!

Don’t Confuse Activity With Effectiveness

If a profit oriented organization wants to write the smallest check possible for moving services some issues could present themselves. A mover without sufficient Work Comp insurance could jeopardize your company. If the “mover” does not know what they don’t know and misjudges time, labor or equipment the result will be lost revenue, frustration, and downtime To add insult to injury damage to you furnishings and real estate will almost always accompany this “adventure”. The Affordable Care Act is putting pressure on everyone, not just the healthcare industry. Some will make solid adjustments, others will not. I love John Wooden one of my favorite quotes from the Wizard of Westwood is “don’t confuse activity with effectiveness”.

What happens if your cheap mover has no experience with protected information? Can you stomach a breach, or lost and misplaced files or charts? See this link for more protected information relocation, storage and protection. Breach information.

Challenges are opportunities for improvement the Affordable Care Act is providing fertile ground tons of improvement

Starting a business from scratch on a shoestring provides fantastic lessons on efficiency and creative problem solving. We know because we started our businesses with little money and no track record in 1989.  Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management partner daily with clients create practical solutions to problems. After 26 years we feel like we offer solid experience and track record. Call us we are here to help.

For more insight on efficiencies in the face of the Affordable Care Act fill out the form to the right or call 877-816-3494.

Admiral Majors Videos

Admiral Majors Videos

Admiral Majors MoversAdmiral Majors Videos

Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management introduces the new voice and face of the company. Scouring the globe we spared no expense to get a big time talent to represent Admiral. After tough and rigorous negotiation with his management team we have secured “Admiral Majors“. Admiral Majors was on board for merely an hour when he made it clear his mission was to take Admiral to the next level. There is no doubt when Admiral Majors enters the room – you know who is in command.

Majors says ” Mr. Scott McNelley has done a fine job for 25 years running the moving business” but adds ” We are all in agreement that Mr. McNelley should no longer be the face for Admiral.”

The Admiral understands what it means to reach greatness. So for all of our past customers there will be no letdown on Admiral’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Just know that we are taking it to the next level.

Over the next year we will give regular updates on Admiral Major as he works with our team. Stay tuned as Admiral flourishes under Admiral Majors.

Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management are excited to be celebrating their 25th Anniversary. They are thankful for all of their clients past and present and are looking forward to the next 25 years. Here is a short video that will introduce everyone to the new face and voice of the Admiral Companies. We hope you enjoy this short spot, and please be on the outlook for the next videos which will be released toward the beginning of August. High 5 is proud to have played a role in the development of the Admiral Majors campaign and we are excited to introduce our good friend Dalton Majors as Admiral Majors. Thanks Dalton! Call 877-816-3454 for more information.

Second Admiral Majors video.

Admiral Movers Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Admiral Movers Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Montgomery Mover Continues Tradition of Superior Service, Innovation and Expertise

McAlpine Tankersley Architecture Admiral Movers

Admiral Movers

MONTGOMERY, Ala.May 24, 2014 / — Admiral Movers has announced the celebration of its 25th anniversary. The Montgomery mover marked the occasion with a ribbon cutting and open house attended by customers and members of the local community on April 17th.

Founded in 1989, Admiral Movers provides residential and commercial moving, warehousing and storage, and logistics services for businesses and families throughout the River Region. Its sister company, Admiral Records Management, provides records management and storage services that help businesses protect and streamline their operations.

Admiral Movers’ long-standing commitment to civic responsibility, outstanding ethical conduct, and integrity in relationships with businesses, employees, and the community was recognized in 2013 when it won the River Region Ethics in Business and Public Service Award. This award added to the 15 Reader’s Choice Awards the Montgomery Advertiser has presented to Admiral Records Management.

“It has been our privilege to serve the River Region for the past 25 years,” said Scott McNelley, founder and president of Admiral Movers. “We couldn’t have come this far without our loyal customers and dedicated team. But we’re just getting started. We have expansion plans in the works, in addition to new services to make our relocations even more efficient. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past quarter century, it’s that you can’t rest on your laurels. You have to continually be innovating and working harder to get better everyday.”

Admiral Movers is known for its exceptional customer service and unmatched reliability, and has earned an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. The company’s quality service is supported by cutting-edge technology, which includes using gondolas to quickly transport files and the AirGlide® system to move computer equipment. As a pioneer in the office moving industry, Admiral Movers has also helped define and implement innovations to make relocations faster, easier, safer, and more affordable.

This dedication to innovation can also be seen in the Montgomery mover’s membership in the Commercial Relocation Network, an organization composed of the largest and most premier office movers in the United States. Members must pass the organization’s rigorous screening process, follow its high ethical standards, demonstrate first-class service, and apply the best moving practices in their geographical area. Admiral Movers’ leadership in all of these areas continues to advance the way professional movers operate on a daily basis.

The Admiral Movers team is composed of employees with an average of 20 years of moving experience. The company provides staff with ongoing training to ensure it consistently delivers on its promise to be the best of the best in every area of commercial and residential moving. Admiral is honored to be the exclusive relocation service provider for local, national, and international customers alike—many of whom have worked with the Admiral Movers since its inception.

“You can’t put a price on the relationships we’ve built over the years,” said McNelley. “We’re proud of our accomplishments so far, but even more excited for what lies ahead. We look forward to being the go-to mover for businesses and families inMontgomery and throughout the River Region for another 25 years.”

For more information about Admiral Movers or to request a quote, visit AdmiralMovers.com or call 877.816.3454 to speak with a representative.

About Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management

Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management are part of the Admiral Companies, which specialize in total move management. From the planning stage to moving day to secure storage, Admiral provides customers with a complete solution that enables clients to rest easier knowing all of their property and data are moved securely on time, every time. Founded in 1989, Admiral Movers has grown to be Montgomery’s premier provider of moving, storage, records management, shredding, and scanning for both residential and commercial customers. Admiral Records Management is Admiral Movers’ sister company, a full-service records moving, management, and storage company serving the businesses and communities of Montgomery, Alabama. Visit AdmiralMovers.com or AdmiralRecordsManagement.com or call 877.816.3454 to learn more.

Media Contact: Scott McNelley, Admiral Movers, 877.816.3454, smcnelley@admiralmovers.com

Staging Homes To Sell Faster

Staging Homes To Sell Faster

Staging Homes To Sell Fast, Save On Moving Costs

Here is a move tip for staging homes to sell faster, for a better price and as an extra bonus you will save on moving costs.

Making your home look roomy is a key part in staging a home. Shredding old documents will help with clutter. Shredding old records will also help prevent Identity theft. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in today’s world.Staging Homes Save Money

And guess what shedding and destroying unneeded documents will save money on your move. Volume is the biggest driver of relocation costs. Long distance, and storage moves are done by weight – reduce weight reduce costs. Local moves are hourly, less to move = less time. When your home looks roomy it sells faster. Prospective buyers want to feel as if they are buying a spacious new home. Closets & attics full of stuff makes a house cramped. Houses that have wonderful storage spaces always look and appeal more.

And since you sorted through and destroyed old records ahead of time preparing for the busy move time is simpler and faster. Some moving companies also are in the Records Management business. Ask them if they will do the shredding for you. A company like Admiral Records Management is a perfect example. We know because we happen to own that business as well as Admiral Movers.

    • Staging homes sells
    • Shredding helps prevent Identity Theft
    • Shredding and recycling is environmentally friendly
    • Reducing and sorting old documents will expedite the move process
    • Shredding and donating items no longer needed reduces moving costs

If you are moving with Admiral Movers we will shred up to 200lbs. of documents FREE. For more tips on staging homes or reducing moving costs fill out the form to the right or call (877) 816- 3454

Secure Hospital Medical Records Relocation Storage Protection

Secure Hospital Medical Records Relocation Storage Protection

Secure Hospital Medical Relocation Services

Medical records service electronicMany of the country’s largest medical facilities, labs and hospitals entrust Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management with secure relocation, storage and destruction solutions for medical records. Transition planning and relocation management for hospitals and medical records is a space we know well. In fact for 25 years Admiral has been the go to resource for securing and protecting sensitive information and medical assets. Our all in one focus utilizes the best practices in commercial relocation, records and information management.

Hybrid Relocation – Records Management Best Practices Protected Information Medical Health Records

Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management lend specialized expertise from both elite commercial relocation and RIM compliance ensuring confidentiality and compliance. While a move offers the potential for an exponential increase in the possibility of a breach or data loss, it does not have to be. In fact Admiral uses this transition to offer pragmatic advice for improving policies and practices with regard to hospital medical records, data and medical health records. Efficient cost-effective solutions provided by Admiral increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Medical Records or Hospital Relocations  –  Admiral Provides Confidence And Peace of Mind

Medical records and information protection and relocation can be a daunting notion. Peace of mind is what your physicians, administrators, stakeholders, employees receive which means your organization can spend more time healing and caring for your patients.

Our Medical Records Customers Say It Best

“We were dreading our move to our new medical facility and surgical center. The planning, coordination and patience made the transition smooth and easy. Admiral’s ability to shred, store, scan our records coupled with a seamless relocation was so convenient. The certified decommissioning service for computers, hard drives, faxes, scanners and printers simplified yet another task.  I can not wait to recommend your service any company moving or searching for a secure records management vendor”

Surgical Center, Mark D. CEO

If you would like to discuss protecting medical records, medical or hospital move management or transition planning we are here to listen and to help. For solutions fill out the form to the right or call (877) 816-3454

Related Article Medical Records Guide for Medical professionals

Montgomery Movers Admiral Movers 25 Years Providing Peace of Mind

Montgomery Movers Admiral Movers 25 Years Providing Peace of Mind

Montgomery Movers Admiral 25 Years Providing Peace of Mind

montgomery movers montgomery office moving companyMontgomery Movers Admiral Movers turns 25 through hard work and determination. We want to join with Admiral in celebrating with Admiral on a wonderful milestone. Growing from an idea and one truck Admiral is now the proven leader for moving and storage in Montgomery and central Alabama. Staying focused on improving the customer experience and reducing stress by focusing on quality is what drives Admiral. Never being satisfied with the status quo Admiral innovates to help customers save money and reduce hassle. Scott McNelley Owner says “from day one our goal was to turn each customer into a fan, a friend and a lifelong customer”. “While our competitors bought full-page ads in the yellow pages, and  other media we wanted word of mouth to be our main form of marketing.”

Montgomery Movers Admiral makes winning customer service awards a regular event

Join us in congratulating longevity, endurance, great employees and all those that have supported Admiral Movers.

    • Mayflower Transit agent
    • A+ rating with BBB
    • Locally owned and operated since 1989
    • Our Montgomery Movers average 20 years of experience

Admiral can be reached at 334-262-6666 or (877) 816-3454 or info@admiralmovers.com

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