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Weil Family Moves

Weil Family Moves

Weil Family & Weil Brothers Cotton – Long Time Customers

Weil Family MovesIn our line of work we get to see many interesting projects and deal with some very interesting folks. Many that have achieved a lot in business, and in charity. The Weil Family moves have allowed us to develop lasting memories and relationships.

One move that stands out in my mind is when we were tasked with moving Weil Brothers Cotton into their new facility.  Founded in 1878, the Weil Company was managed at the time by the two descendants of the company’s founder, Robert Weil, II and Adolph Weil, Jr.  In 1991, they were moving from downtown Montgomery to a facility out in east Montgomery.

One thing of note was that the two brothers who were also partners sat across from each other at a lovely wood partner’s desk. The word was that each and every major decision had to have the approval from both in order to get the go ahead.  An interesting arrangement to say the least. You must understand that this was no ordinary company, this family had built the third largest cotton brokerage in the world, and spawned the Lehman Brothers financial empire.

Moves of any size can put people under tremendous stress, but all I saw were two regal gentlemen. They learned the names of the crew members, and called them by their name.  They were warm and engaging. It was truly refreshing.  It filled the crew members with pride and a sense of doing important work.

The entire load was filled with beautiful and delicate antiques and fragile artwork. Normal moving crews could not have pulled off a complicated move such as this, and without as much as a scratch. At the end of the project the two partners met each crew member with a heartfelt thank you and a sincere handshake.

Weil Artwork Shipped to Dartmouth and Boston

Later on in 1992, the Weil family asked us to transport pieces of their valuable Old Master prints collection to the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College for display.  The collection of works they donated to the museum included pieces from some of the greatest European printmakers: Andrea Mantegna, Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jacques Callot, Canaletto, Francisco Goya, William Blake, and Camille Pissarro.

We reached out to our network affiliates at Unigroup to determine the safest way to protect and transport the artwork.  After much research a solid plan was developed. We used acid-free Museum bags, or “sealed envelopes” if you will, to do the initial sealing of the artwork. Then we wrapped them in a combination of soft sided linen/paper wraps. These were specifically designed for museum portrait packing. Additionally, we wrapped each piece of artwork in another six-inch layer of Dolphin Wrap, a spongy durable foam.  Three layers of wrapping to protect against the environment and other potential damaging risks. This system was an early edition of floating cushion packing that we use regularly the AirGlide®

We then built a special crating system especially for this project.  Each piece was individually packed in a reinforced crate and security seals placed on the outside. Then each individual crate was completely sealed in a waterproof outer covering.

As a further precaution to ensure each piece arrived safely and were not separated, we took the air ride / climate controlled truck and built a reinforced bulk head master crate which would hold all of the individual crates inside of it.  Inside this crate we built a set of sliding shelves that allowed each crated to float in about 1 foot of heavy gauge bubble wrap.  The master crate was also tracked and monitored by another security seal. The individual crates and the reinforced master crate essentially both road on a cushion of air.  Angle iron secured the entire structure inside the air ride van.

The dedicated truck was then sent directly to Dartmouth for delivery.  We later delivered artwork for display at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.  It remains one of the most unique projects we have ever done.

Over the years we have completed dozens projects for members of the Weil family.  Most recently we divided up the estate of Jean Kaufman Weil and shipped different pieces around the country.  Working with the family members and seeing them go through some of the pictures and memorabilia really was interesting. This is one of those relationships that makes being in business memorable and rewarding.

Laurie Weil Camp Smile a Mile a labor of love

We participate in the many philanthropic efforts with the family. Each year we assist them in bringing Camp Smile A Mile to fruition, by transporting luggage, bags and provisions to the camp.  We don’t do much in the grand scheme of all it takes to pull off such an endeavor as the camp as a whole, but it is a complete labor of love. And it allows us and our employees to help create some smiles.

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The entire Weil family has been dedicated not only to quality and devotion in business but also in their philanthropic endeavors, blessing our entire community with their efforts.  We are truly honored to have them as clients and look forward to continuing to serve them in the coming years.

We value all our customers and the wonderful relationships we build along the way.  We celebrate 25 years in business and are very thankful to our clients, employees, family and friends. If you need help with a relocation, storage or logistics issue please call or fill out the form to the right. We’re here to listen.

25 year relationship with McAlpine Tankersley Architecture

25 year relationship with McAlpine Tankersley Architecture

McAlpine Tankersley Architecture Bobby McAlpineMcAlpine Tankersley

As Admiral Movers marks 25 years in business, it causes me to be somewhat sentimental. Some of the best times were rewarding yet difficult. Growing, learning, building our reputation and now here we are as one of the largest in our area. I could not begin to pick out one particular project that is my favorite because there been so many and each one of them unique.

In March of 1989, George Azar and I set out to create the best local moving company in Montgomery. As we began to set up a corporation we received a phone call and booked our very first move. Because of the type of furniture and the talent of the customer, it turned out to be no ordinary move.

The work was being done for Bobby McAlpine in his own personal residence. Mr. McAlpine was remodeling his house and updating the furnishings. Our task was to pack up everything from the house, load the furniture, take it into storage for about two months, and then bring it all back and place it to the exact specifications of the customer.

Shortly thereafter the architecture firm that Bobby McAlpine had founded was moving their office into what has become my all-time favorite structure, The Sabel Mansion. That building on Perry Street is an incredible piece of architecture that continues to stand today as a marvel in my eyes. McAlpine Tankersley Architecture was growing in size but more importantly stature.

 McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier Interior Design

McAlpine Tankersley Architecture has now grown to serve clients nationally and internationally, creating some of the most amazing residences and commercial buildings. Bobby McAlpine’s interior design practice, McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors, has sculpted interiors along with McAlpine Furniture that creates handcrafted furniture to complement the incredible architecture that the firm designs. We have enjoyed many incredible projects from them as well as the architecture firm itself.

Many of the projects that we have done consisted of receiving pieces that are not of the average nature and require some unique measures to get them to where they need to be and get them installed. They offer some pretty unique logistical challenges and with our talented movers to make it happen is fun.
Whether it be a cabin at Lake Martin, a historic home in Old Cloverdale, Atlanta, Nashville, Rosemary Beach, Colorado, or New York you can always count on Admiral Movers to provide the highest level of service to you and your clients.

Needless to say the furniture pieces from McAlpine Home are one of a kind. At times they present some issues that we have to overcome – developing or building special protection so that they can transported safely during shipping.

We have moved 1100 pound granite slabs up three flights of stairs to make the right setting for a table.

We have created several joist and pulleys to lift things over balconies or back porches to get items of extra-large size into the right places.

Many times in the overseas trips that are taken, they find pieces and have them shipped to us. Then we have to make arrangements for special shipping and interesting crating for those items, such as an 18th-century bench of grist Mill Stone and massive statues.

Another unique requirement is because of the deadlines for photographing and/or presenting a party or showing the new project off to the clients. Speed and efficiency is typically an important ingredient.

One memorable piece as we went into the new A&P Lofts for the office of McAlpine Tankersley in Montgomery was a 19 feet tall 15 foot wide mirror gold leaf. Because of the size, it was required that the door, door facing, and door jamb come out and some of the bricks be removed. It would not fit into the elevator and the stairs were zigzag, so we used 12 men to pass it to one another.

It was probably about 800 to 900 pounds of very fragile gold leaf frame mirror. It had to be touched very delicately because of its size and composition. The way it was heading up the stairs we had to take the crating and all the padding off. The danger was that at any time the glass could have shattered. Our people had to work harmoniously together for the transportation to go smoothly.

One time we showed up in Nashville with about $2 million worth of very high-end furnishings only to find out that the front Archway up the hill blocked us from getting our truck up close to the building. So we created a rope and dolly cart system and frame to pull the big pieces up and down and unload the truck.

Bobby McAlpine about Admiral Movers

Bobby McAlpine says “Admiral Movers has moved me more times than I can remember. They are practically on speed dial as I continually assemble and strike the sets of my house and many clients’ houses. They are a trusted part of the stable of talent and strength it takes to do this work and live this life of design. For more than 25 years now we have transported and assembled beauty coast to coast, an adventure in arms that will see me through many more.”

To so many of our customers, but especially to Bobby McAlpine, Greg Tankersley, Mary Robin Jurkiewicz, John Sease, Chris Tippet, Ray Booth, Susan Ferrier, and Richard Norris – we appreciate the confidence you’ve had in us to handle your work. And just as importantly, that you have trusted us to take care of your biggest, best, and most valued customers. We have a tremendous group of clients that have been with us from almost the beginning. We view their continued patronage as the greatest award and recognition. Admiral Movers looks forward to continuing this partnership with McAlpine Tankersley for many years in the future.

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Southern Accents Rosemary Beachhouse

Southern Accents Rosemary Beachhouse

Southern Accents Rosemary Beach Town Hall

Southern Accents Rosemary Beach Showhouse

In early 2000, one of our clients, Interior Designer Phillip Sides, asked us to meet with us concerning an upcoming project. Over our twenty years in the business, we have moved many whole hospitals, large corporate headquarters, and labs for the EPA and ADEM—but the project that Phillip had for us would end up being one of our most challenging and memorable.

The project was for a new development called Rosemary Beach along highway 30 A in Florida. The client was Southern Accents magazine, and this was going to be for their highly publicized and well-known feature: the Annual Showhouse. Each year the magazine would construct a lavish home and pick a top interior designer to furnish it from top to bottom, exhibiting their unique style. The magazine would feature detailed photos of each room with in-depth descriptions and attention to detail.

Our job? To receive all fixtures, furniture, artwork and interiors for Southern Accents over a period of about a year, then deliver and set up the house in time for the grand reveal. As soon as we agreed to take on this task, trucks began showing up and the task of keeping an accurate inventory began. It soon became obvious that this was not going to be an ordinary project. The sheer volume made it an intense and complex job. The importance of each piece being received added to the level of stress. Juggling purchase orders and inventories from so many different companies was quite a challenge to keep up with—not to mention making sure that everyone was kept abreast of the progress. We did not doubt that we could perform to the standards needed for this level of clientele. Southern Accents and Phillip Sides gave us this task because of our reputation in the business, and because of the quality of work we had done for Phillip Sides previously.

A little over a year later, all of the interiors were in and ready to go. We ended having six truck loads—one of our largest projects. Upon arrival we were confronted with our next challenge: getting all of the inventory into the house. Rosemary Beach is of the New Urbanism design, which by definition means it was not accessible at all to our large trucks. Not to mention that the whole area was still under construction with trucks and equipment all around this signature home. Because of the tight space and active construction, we used the Rosemary Beach Town Hall to unload, store, and assemble all of the furniture and fixtures before moving them to their final location. We then carefully placed the items on piano boards and walked each piece of furniture over a third of a mile to the destination site. Needless to say, with six truckloads there was quite a bit of walking back and forth.

The next challenge was the weather. As we loading the items on the trucks and began the drive to the beach house a hurricane was heading towards the Gulf. As the day progressed and we continued our work, the rain and wind began to pound the shore. For the safety of all our crew and the items in our care, we had to secure everything and retire for the night. I remember wondering a few times that night if there would even be a home or furniture come morning.

When day dawned, we awoke to find that the project was spared. We finished our delivery and the signature home was photographed and featured in a full issue of Southern Accents magazine. I was in town a few days ago and saw that the home had recently sold for 7.5 million dollars. While Southern Accents is no longer being published, the home and the whole project amazes me still. We have had many moves and many challenging projects on the coast since that time, but none are as memorable as the 2001 Southern Accents Showhouse.

If you should need help with a project large or small we are here to help, even if it is just for advice. Fill out the form to the right or call 877-816-3454 or visit Admiral Movers.

Plastic Crate Moving Only Makes Sense To The Company Selling Them

Plastic Crate Moving Only Makes Sense To The Company Selling Them

Plastic Crate Moving for an Office Move are an Awful Idea

Plastic crate moving makes perfect sense if you are the company trying to sell or rent them to customers. If your company is relocating plastic crates make zero sense. Many of these so-called office movers and the manufacturers are pushing crates as “green” because they are reusable. The “evidence is mounting that the chemical building blocks that make plastics so versatile are the same components that might harm people and the environment.” Plastic takes a ton of energy to produce; furthermore, it fills our oceans, and sits in our landfills for literally centuries. Hard plastic items (such as crates) have a low bio-degradation rate. An alternative is the reusable cardboard tote. This requires no tape and, because of their construction,can be reused dozens of times. Cardboard totes also fold down flat, and are easy to store in a small space if you are so inclined. But remember, the biggest productivity killer is, once boxes and plastic crates are sealed and or stacked, you are out of business. My goal is to help you say no to plastic crate moving.

Plastic Crate Moving Box-lesss is best Plastic Crates Office Move Awful Idea

Plastic Crate Moving for Office Moves an Awful Idea

Plastic crate moving – just say NO!

There are also situations where items need to be stored for a long period of time so you have to use boxes. But, if it just needs to be mobile and then accessed, the gondolas are so easy.

For a move (especially an office move) plastic crates actually expand the size of your move. Plastic moving crates weigh a whopping 8-9 lbs each when they are empty. And average office move would have 120 crates so you have just added around 1,000 lbs to you move. Increased size means more work for your staff, and the movers, more truckloads (more fuel burned) and more cost. Also the extra downtime will cost you in productivity which means lost revenue to your company.

The commercial movers truly focused on serving their customers employ a box-less gondola system. Bookshelves on wheels of different sizes, E-carts, AirGlide computer wraps, speed packs, and secure relocation methods. Everything you might normally place in a box can go on the shelves, since the shelves lean inward at 12 degree angle. Instead of a top we use heavy-duty shrink-wrap to secure belongings in order. You can clearly see your contents (or we can use seals so they are private) and the real beauty is no packing. They can be loaded in a tenth of the time of boxes, or plastic (box) crates. But best of all you have access to all your contents as soon as they arrive at destination. You avoid the moving hangover associated with a box or plastic crate move. Your business is up & running immediately allowing you to begin generating revenue.

Avoiding plastic crate moving saves time & money

Because gondolas load in about 10% of the time a boxed or plastic crate move takes you avoid shutting down the office, and your coworkers avoid all that time packing & unpacking.  Gondolas also allow 2 men to move what would normally take 4-5. They load onto and off of truck so much faster that boxes & plastic crates. Less moving time means a lower move cost. Less downtime means less payroll leak for your company. Once you have enjoyed the ease, efficiency, and lowered cost of a box-less gondola move you will never return to plastic (boxes) crates or cardboard boxes.

Why are so many so-called office movers pushing the plastic crates? Perhaps they don’t know any better, or maybe they have so much invested in plastic crates, that they have no choice but to keep selling them. Gondolas, with our engineered non marking, non skid wheels are expensive to produce. This expense prevents many of these “office movers” from making the next step. Nevertheless, we have done it because, at the end of the day, it is the right thing for our customers. A true ” crate-less” and “box-less” move is the ultimate in GREEN, and sustainable. I have been using most of my gondolas for over twenty years.

We can help you say no to plastic crate moving for an office move by calling 334-262-6666 or just fill out the form to the right.

“K.I.S.S.” Method for Easier Moving —“Keeping It Simple is Smart”

“K.I.S.S.” Method for Easier Moving —“Keeping It Simple is Smart”

“K.I.S.S.” Method for Easier Moving—“Keeping It Simple is Smart”

Moving is hard, there’s just no two ways about it.  There are so many details to coordinate and so many things to do, and everything is temporarily upside-down while you’re in transition. My advice would be the “K.I.S.S.” approach. K.I.S.S. is a Method for Easier Moving —“Keeping It Simple is Smart”. In an office move there are just so many details to coordinate that the task can become overwhelming. Most moves involve three separate but equally important tasks:

    • Moving – physically moving your property from your old location to the new one
    • Destruction – shredding old records to save money and work in the move, and space in your new location
    • Records Management – maintaining compliance-related security throughout the process

Coupling shredding or destruction and offsite storage is smart records management, and doing it in concert with your move is efficient– the records management synergy will bring cost-savings on all three phases.

“K.I.S.S.” Method for Easier Moving – Shred, Store, Move Should Be Your Mantra, One Vendor Should Be Your Modus Operandi

You could conceivably have three separate vendors handling each of those tasks, but why?  Moving is hard enough— why on earth would you want to add MORE to your already-loaded plate by trying to work with multiple vendors to get everything done?  Coordinating them is a job unto itself, and you have more important things to do!

Working with one vendor that specializes in all aspects of moving and records management, who can meet all of your needs and coordinate everything for you, will make your move:

    • Simpler
    • More efficient
    • Less risky, from a compliance perspective, and best of all,
    • Less expensive

It’s Just Smarter to Use One Moving and Records Management Vendor:

    • To have ONE point of contact, ONE source and ONE point of accountability for everything you need—it doesn’t get any simpler than that!
    • To have an experienced professional coordinating the many aspects of your move, so all of the potential problems that might not even occur to you will be solved proactively for you, so your move will go much more smoothly
    • To reduce the potential for a privacy breach liability by limiting who comes in contact with your confidential information to vendors that specialize in records management– a really good hybrid records manager/office mover will bring a great deal to the table with regards to the proper handling of sensitive data

Sometimes Less IS More

If ever there was a time when less is more—less frustration, less hassle and fewer headaches—it’s when you’re moving.  So when you’re deciding which vendor to choose, always try to “Keep It Simple” and choose one vendor that knows what they’re doing.  That will make your risk manager, lawyers, managers, and stockholders happy, not to mention your protected patients or clients.  And your CEO and CFO will love the savings!

If you’d like to learn more about the many ways one vendor is better than many, and the kinds of mistakes rookies often make when it comes to moving, please call me!  I’ll be glad to share whatever I know that might help you move smarter. To learn more about “K.I.S.S.” Method for Easier Moving fill out the form to the right or call 334-262-6666.

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“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” — How to Avoid Your Next Move

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” — How to Avoid Your Next Move
Moving Company, Office

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?”– How to Avoid Your Next Move

I bet the last thing you’d expect to hear from the owner of a moving company or records storage company is ideas on how to avoid your next move.  I am all about business development, increasing sales and earning new business. But at Admiral, part of our customer-centric approach is to help you do what’s best for YOU, and making you aware of ALL of your options is part of that.  There are definitely times when you can avoid the hassle and inconvenience of a move, and we’re glad to help you do that if it’s the right choice for you. But maybe you just need to reduce clutter and improve work flows.“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” – How to Avoid Your Next Move

Companies move for a lot of different reasons, but the reason I hear the most is, “We need more space.”  While it’s true that companies grow beyond their current space, there are also many ways to create more space at your existing location you may not have thought of. Here are a few ideas that can help:


When was the last time you took an honest look at how you are using your space?  Most companies plan well when they’re first moving into a new space, but over time, their needs change and they don’t always think ahead when they’re reconfiguring.  They need a new workstation, so they just drop a desk in a corner.  Or a team member leaves and the space that person was using morphs into a records dumping ground, where files and supplies just “collect” and multiply.

But every so often, it’s good to step back and really think about how your space is allocated and laid out—is the room you have really being used for the activities that generate revenue for you?  Are team members near those they collaborate with most often?  Is old office equipment or archival records clogging up space that would be better used for active workspace?

Store Off-Site

Off-site storage is a great way to move things you don’t use or need every day out of your way to make room for the things you do need.  It’s convenient and cost-effective if you’re working with a company that provides responsive service—they’ll deliver what you need when you need it, typically on the same day you ask for it, and they’ll pick it up and take it back to storage when you’re done.  We do this for our customers all the time, and they love the ease of access.

Go Digital

If you’re using a lot of space for filing and records storage, have you considered converting the information to digital files?  You’ll still have the information, but it won’t take up your valuable office and floor space.  You can convert all of your records at once, or just as you need them—the choice is yours.


How much of what you currently have on-hand is “stuff” you don’t actually need?  Old records, old equipment, supplies you no longer need or use… maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and finally get rid of all of the stuff that’s cluttering up your space. Segregate, shred, purge and recycle.

Whether You Stay or Go, We’re Here to Help!

At Admiral Movers, we’re always more than happy to help you move quickly and efficiently.  But when it’s better for you to NOT move, we’re also glad to help you stay put and make the most of your existing space.  Please contact me today to learn more about ways we can help you create more usable space exactly where you are!  I’ll be glad to help you take a hard look at how you’re using the space you have and come up with a plan that ensures you’re making the most of it.

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You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

Everybody’s looking to save money nowadays, and saving on movers seems like an easy call.  Anybody with two arms and two legs can move a box from point A to point B, right?  It’s a simple task that day laborers or even that guy who lives up the street and his buddy could do—why wouldn’t you just hire them for the job and save money?

You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

Because your information is only as secure as the people who handle it, and exposing your customers (and yourself!) to identity theft can cost you your business –  plain and simple.

I was recently approached by someone who wanted to supply day laborers for my company to use for office moves.  They were already working with one of our competitors and figured we might also be a good client.

My answer was an unqualified, “No way.”

My company is entrusted with our customers’ most privileged information and that of their customers—we move medical offices, legal firms, financial companies and other customers with highly-sensitive records.  Nobody steps foot onto one of MY customers’ properties unless they have surpassed MY standards for security—and I’m a Security Hawk, so that means:

    • A FULL background investigation and drug test (and we update our background checks OFTEN to make sure nothing has changed!)
    • EXTENSIVE training in privacy protection and compliance requirements (and we do that on an ongoing basis, too)
    • STRICT supervision at every step of the moving process—nobody is left alone with access to sensitive information, so there’s not even a temptation for them to do wrong
    • An assessment of their CHARACTER, so I know they will handle my customers’ information like they do their own

I’m proud of the fact that we’ve built a CULTURE of CHARACTER and SERVICE, with processes and safeguards that screen out all but people with the highest level of integrity.  Then we teach them what they need to know to vigorously protect our customers, and we make them EARN the privilege of handling the most sensitive information each and every day.

You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes? I trust my staff with MY information every single day—if I couldn’t do that, how could I ever trust them with YOURS? 

Breach of confidentiality isn’t just a compliance problem that could bankrupt your company with fines and penalties—it’s also a reputation problem, because you will never live down having exposed your customers to identity theft or worse.

DON’T make the mistake of saving a buck on movers but risking your business’ survival.  I’ve seen it happen.  Call me, and I’ll tell you about it. I would implore you to ask yourself  “You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

Some risks just AREN’T worth taking.  If you would like to discuss please fill out the form to the right or call 334-262-6666.

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Records Retention Compliance When to Hold ‘Em, When to Fold ‘Em

Records Retention Compliance When to Hold ‘Em, When to Fold ‘Em
Records Retention Compliance

Records Retention Compliance

Records Retention Compliance When to Hold ‘Em, When to Fold ‘Em

Records Retention Compliance When to Hold ‘Em, When to Fold ‘Em is extremely important. When it comes to your vital records, knowing when to get rid of them is almost as important as knowing when to create them— it helps you keep costs low, inventory manageable and compliance breach risk limited (as limited as it can be, anyway). Records Retention is largely a function of compliance.“You Gotta Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em…” – Kenny Rogers, “The Gambler (Song),” and Records Retention, in a Nutshell

Some records you have to keep—the law requires it, or you need the information until further notice or forever.  For most of our customers, the small part of their historical data they actually need to keep is stored within software programs like their accounting and billing system, or their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program—what they keep and how long they keep it outside of their other business systems is almost entirely driven by compliance requirements.

So the easiest answer to “When do I need to hold ‘em?” is “When the law says so (or if you really, REALLY need them).”  If you’re not sure what the law requires you to keep and for how long, I recommend you seek professional advice from someone who does—your attorney or the agency that enforces your industry’s compliance requirements are two good places to start.  If your records manager has in-depth knowledge, they may also be able to share what other firms in your industry do, but since you are ultimately responsible, it’s always best to get advice and recommendations straight from the source.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

How do you know when to “fold ‘em” (destroy your records)?

The easiest answer here is, not surprisingly, “When the law says so (or you really don’t need them anymore).”

When it’s finally time to send your records packing, you have a decision to make.  Do you want to:

    • Save the data by scanning the records and preserving the information digitally before they’re destroyed?
    • Save the data in aggregate (summary) form, and lose the granular details when the records are destroyed?
    • Destroy the records and lose the data forever?

The best choice varies by industry and by company, so there is no “one answer fits all”– just remember that you are just as responsible for the confidentiality of digital data as you are for data contained in hard copies of records, so plan accordingly. Compliance with records retention will be specific to your industry, circumstance, management guidance, and internal or external counsel.

Also keep in mind you need your data to be as secure during the process of destruction and afterward as it was when it was still being actively stored, so make sure whoever you work with ensures data destruction that is total, certain and DOCUMENTED so your compliance requirements will be satisfied.  Having no records retention policy or schedule is in my view much worse than having one that contains flaws, or is miss-executed. Not following the law (employment law for example)  can cause liability or legal action.

Records Rentention Compliance Know When to Get Help

If you’re in over your head when it comes to your records, or just need some suggestions about what to “hold” and when to “fold,” including insider tips about how others in your industry or related industries handle records retention, please visit our website  and/or call me!  I can’t share confidential information, but I’m happy to share ideas, resources and tips that might help you, including information about our services if they would be appropriate for your situation.

If you need some guidance on Records Retention Compliance please fill out the form to the right or call 334-396-5430.

How to Make Your Work-Related Moving Expenses Less Taxing (Literally!)

How to Make Your Work-Related Moving Expenses Less Taxing (Literally!)

 How to Make Your Work-Related Moving Expenses Less Taxing (Literally!)

How to Make Your Work-Related Moving Expenses Less Taxing (Literally!)

How to Make Your Work-Related Moving Expenses Less Taxing (Literally!)

Moving can be an expensive proposition, and a work-related relocation is no exception.  But the IRSdoes offer a little bit of help in the form of a tax deduction for work-related moves, under certain conditions moving expenses can be deducted: Do a little homework, and consult your CPA to determine how to make your work-related moving expenses less taxing (Literally!).


You must pass the 50-Mile Test (the distance between your new primary job and your home must be at least 50 miles more than your old commute was). A great tax deduction and often under-reported.


You must be employed full-time in the area of your new job location for at least 39 weeks during the 12 months after you move.  (If you own your own business, the time of employment required is extended to 78 weeks within 24 months after you move.)

The tax deduction applies whether the job you move for is a new one, or is for your current employer.  If you’re married, only one spouse needs to meet the Time/Distance requirements to qualify for the deductions.

What Expenses Can You Deduct?

Provided you meet the Time and Distance requirements, you can deduct “Reasonable” expenses, including the following:

    • Packing and shipping your household goods and personal effects
    • Travel costs to your new home, excluding meals
    • Insurance Moving expenses
    • 30 days’ storage costs
    • Utility connection/disconnection charges

If your employer happens to be generous, any expenses they pay for are not applicable unless they are added to your regular salary, but you must be careful to claim only the allowable deductions.  You are also responsible for paying taxes on any money you receive from your employer for moving expenses that aren’t eligible for the deduction, like meals and temporary housing.

This is not an easy deduction to qualify for, but if you do, it is an “Above-the-Line” tax deduction (not itemized), and you would use IRS Form 3903 (Moving Expenses) to claim it.  As with any tax-related issue, you should always seek the advice of a duly-licensed tax professional to make sure you meet the criteria.

To learn more about the work-related moving expenses & allowable tax deduction, please visit applicable page on the IRS website, http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc455.html.  Thanks to Chuck Myers of the McClatchy Tribune News Service for this information on how to make your work-related move a little less taxing, and please contact us to learn more about how we can help make the rest of your move smooth and worry-free!

For more information on How to Make Your Work-Related Moving Expenses Less Taxing (Literally!) call 334-396-5430 or email us at info@admiralmovers.com.

Moving? Protect Your Confidential Info with Secure Chain of Custody Relocation

Moving? Protect Your Confidential Info with Secure Chain of Custody Relocation
Moving? protect confidential info, secure chain custody relocation Box-less Moving By Admiral Movers Moving protect confidential info, secure chain custody relocation hippa, privacy

Moving? protect confidential info

Moving?  Protect Confidential Info with Secure Chain of Custody Relocation

Moving?  Protect confidential info with Secure Chain of Custody Relocation. Moving is madness, or at least it feels that way!  Even the best-planned, most organized move feels like it’s barely-controlled chaos at best.  To further complicate things, you have confidential customer information that you MUST safeguard, even during the chaos of a move, or risk a breach of privacy and the stiff fines, penalties and damage to your reputation that could result.

Your customers’ confidential information is never more at risk of exposure than during a move.

All of your usual operating protocols and security safeguards are suspended when you’re relocating.  Your records are taken from their safe, locked file cabinets and storage areas, and moved out in the open until they get to their new home and your regular security practices are re-engaged.  And God only knows what happens when your records actually leave the building and are on a truck somewhere on the road…

Also, in case you didn’t know– yes, you’re 100% responsible for how your vendors (like movers, for example) handle your customers’ information.  Puts a whole different spin on things, doesn’t it?  Your movers really DO have your business in their hands! Protect yourself, your business, managers, stockholders when moving. By protect confidential info your most valuable asset, secure chain custody relocationMoving protect confidential info, secure chain custody relocation Hippa protects you, your clients, employees and your entire business from liability.

So how do you ensure end-to-end security and total compliance breach protection throughout a move?

Working with a vendor that knows and applies Secure Chain of Custody best practices throughout the moving process, including while your records are in transit from one location to another is not just good business it could save your business.  Secure Chain of Custody means your records are fully secured throughout the transfer, and there is a carefully documented visual and written record of exactly where your records are and who has custody of them at each moment.

There are a number of ways to secure records besides keeping them in locked containers, like sealing them in plastic, for example, and a number of industry-specific protocols to be followed to stay compliant, like using security seals and limiting authorization to break them to one person.  A good records and information management firm that is also an expert mover knows and will tell you exactly what steps you need to take to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements while still being efficient in your move.

Moving? protect confidential info, secure chain custody relocation

At Admiral, we’ve even incorporated total compliance protection into our box-less move, when items are stored on open gondolas or carts using our AirGlide® system for easy access.  How we do it is our secret, but if you need our help moving your records using Secure Chain of Custody, we’ll be happy to put our years of specialized industry-specific compliance experience to work for you.

Please do yourself (and your company) a favor– make sure whoever is moving your confidential records knows how to protect you from privacy breach.  If you need advice on moving and protected confidential info, secure chain custody relocation and what questions to ask your mover to ensure they actually do know their stuff, please call me–  I’ll be glad to tell you what to look for.

Call me if you are moving? I can help you protect confidential info, with secure chain custody relocation 334-396-5430.

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