4 Ways Records Storage from a Specialist Benefits Your Company

Looking at records storage only as an expense is only half the picture—to really understand what you’re getting from a records storage facility, you must also consider the benefits to your company’s bottom line in savings, reduced liability, and increased productivity.

Here are 4 ways (you might not have thought of) that records storage from a records storage facility benefits your bottom line:

4 Ways Records Storage from a Specialist Benefits Your Company1.  Less Office Space Needed = Money Saved

Office space is expensive, and medical office space is the most expensive of all.  You pay for every inch of your office space—decorating it, heating and cooling it, supplying it with electricity, and most costly, renting it.  There is no discount on the space you use for records storage that’s in your office—that space costs the same as the corner office with windows on two sides.

Records storage space is far less expensive than office space, and money spent on a records storage facility is money saved on your monthly rent invoice.  Money saved.

2.  Lower Cost than Public Storage = Money Saved

Some firms have figured out that public records storage is less expensive than storing records in office space, and good for them—they got that part right.  What they’re missing is that space at a records storage facility typically costs 40%-60% LESS than public records storage space.  That’s a big difference!  Money saved.

Plus, it’s hard to keep records organized for easy retrieval and re-filing at a public records facility.  They lack the bar-coding and systems that records management and storage specialists use every day to make sure every file is easy to locate and re-file, every time.  The increased efficiency of a records management and storage facility saves time, which equals money.  More money saved.

Finally, the systems that are already in place at a records management and storage facility protect firms from privacy breach risk.  Privacy breach costs big money.  Big money saved.

3.  Less Time Spent Managing Records = Money Saved

The people who find, re-file and organize your files spend time doing their work.  Your time and your employees’ time costs money.  Having someone else take care of these tasks for you eliminates that expense from your payroll and frees up you and your staff’s time for other, more important tasks, resulting in increased productivity elsewhere.  Money saved x 2.

4.  Better Client Service = Money Made

The better the service you deliver to your customers, the happier they are, the longer they stay customers and the more referral business they send your way.  Faster, more efficient service is one of the things that keeps customers happy.  Records storage facilities are faster and far more efficient than other options—they’re bound to be, it’s what they do, all day, every day.  Happier customers always translate into more revenue and more new customers.  Money made.

While records storage is an expense, it usually more than pays for itself when the costs it eliminates are factored into the equation.  Be sure you really look at the big picture when considering your records storage options, so you really do get the best deal for your company!

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