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Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management introduces the new voice and face of the company. Scouring the globe we spared no expense to get a big time talent to represent Admiral. After tough and rigorous negotiation with his management team we have secured “Admiral Majors“. Admiral Majors was on board for merely an hour when he made it clear his mission was to take Admiral to the next level. There is no doubt when Admiral Majors enters the room – you know who is in command.

Majors says ” Mr. Scott McNelley has done a fine job for 25 years running the moving business” but adds ” We are all in agreement that Mr. McNelley should no longer be the face for Admiral.”

The Admiral understands what it means to reach greatness. So for all of our past customers there will be no letdown on Admiral’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Just know that we are taking it to the next level.

Over the next year we will give regular updates on Admiral Major as he works with our team. Stay tuned as Admiral flourishes under Admiral Majors.

Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management are excited to be celebrating their 25th Anniversary. They are thankful for all of their clients past and present and are looking forward to the next 25 years. Here is a short video that will introduce everyone to the new face and voice of the Admiral Companies. We hope you enjoy this short spot, and please be on the outlook for the next videos which will be released toward the beginning of August. High 5 is proud to have played a role in the development of the Admiral Majors campaign and we are excited to introduce our good friend Dalton Majors as Admiral Majors. Thanks Dalton! Call 877-816-3454 for more information.

Second Admiral Majors video.