Affordable Care Act Healthcare Struggles To Adapt

As the healthcare industry struggles to adjust to the Affordable Care Act the central theme has become apparent.  Streamlining systems and workflows to achieve lower costs is key. Doing more or the same with fewer dollars is the new reality. Affordable Care Act Technology medical records storageThe trick is quality must not be sacrificed, in fact if anything quality needs to improve. The speed at which restructuring must occur can be a bit unsettling. Sometimes if one becomes too focused on sheer numbers quality can take a hit.

If quality service is sacrificed patient loyalty and revenue will be diminished. As revenue shrinks then more cuts would be needed. This cycle will be tough to get out of.

Call it the economy of effort, the law of parsimony or simply effective efficiency. Gaining more output with the same resources or gaining the same output while employing fewer inputs is the goal.

Having done large-scale industrial moves, hospital relocation corporate headquarters and banks for 27 years, the economy of effort courses through every aspect of our service. Transition planning, communicating effectively with all stakeholders to achieve expected efficiency is critical to the overall success of the project.

Lastly successful execution including plenty of workarounds for the unexpected is the culmination and true measuring tape with which all will be judged. A relocation that allows the client to see patients and producing revenue with minimal downtime is a success.

We have 15-20 experienced well-trained office movers that think and are talented in minimizing the workload to achieve the customers objective in the quickest way possible is where the rubber meets to road. Effective economy of effort achieves lower costs for the client which should be the goal of the Affordable Care Act!

Don’t Confuse Activity With Effectiveness

If a profit oriented organization wants to write the smallest check possible for moving services some issues could present themselves. A mover without sufficient Work Comp insurance could jeopardize your company. If the “mover” does not know what they don’t know and misjudges time, labor or equipment the result will be lost revenue, frustration, and downtime To add insult to injury damage to you furnishings and real estate will almost always accompany this “adventure”. The Affordable Care Act is putting pressure on everyone, not just the healthcare industry. Some will make solid adjustments, others will not. I love John Wooden one of my favorite quotes from the Wizard of Westwood is “don’t confuse activity with effectiveness”.

What happens if your cheap mover has no experience with protected information? Can you stomach a breach, or lost and misplaced files or charts? See this link for more protected information relocation, storage and protection. Breach information.

Challenges are opportunities for improvement the Affordable Care Act is providing fertile ground tons of improvement

Starting a business from scratch on a shoestring provides fantastic lessons on efficiency and creative problem solving. We know because we started our businesses with little money and no track record in 1989.  Admiral Movers and Admiral Records Management partner daily with clients create practical solutions to problems. After 26 years we feel like we offer solid experience and track record. Call us we are here to help.

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