Business Continuity

Business ContinuityStoring documents on-site is just bad business. 90% of identity theft happens at the business, mostly at a point of weakness. Remarkably so many times it is in the form of paper records, charts or records. Cleaning crews, vendors, disgruntled employees, competitors can easily locate information to do damage. The cost of lost data, coupled with having to provide credit lock for the victims is bad enough. But, the loss of goodwill through bad PR could easily threaten business continuity.
All the public gets is, company XYZ could not protect their current information assets & customer data, so why in the world would I hire them. Again endangering business vitality & basic business continuity. Not to mention employees must divert their attention from their main focus and spend time cleaning up the mess.

Keeping all information whether digital or hard copy on-site could allow a disaster to cripple your company. Housing your operation & your company’s most valuable assets, historical information means in the event of a natural disaster you could lose everything.

Whether you know you should keep files offsite or not, the “prudent man” rule implies that all people in a management or business role should prepare any events that threaten company assets, or company viability. Secure off-site records centers will save you money, help you stay compliant. Your risk manager or insurance company and those that depend on your company will thank you.

Any entity that does not do planning for Disaster Recovery may recognize the value after it is too late.

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