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Customer Focused Business Will Prosper

Customer Focused Business Will Prosper

Customer Focused Customer Driven

Focusing intensely on customer satisfaction is the key to building any business. Loyal customers willing to recommend you over competitors is vital to long-term success, profit and growth.

You can achieve growth without fanatical customer service. But in my opinion building a following of “FANatics” ensures business stability and profitability for the long haul. Don’t be concerned with short-term gains. Be focused on exceeding every customer’s expectations every day.

Focusing on Profit First Ensures You Will Not Last

When I started my first business, Admiral Movers while I was in college. It was not till our fourth year for that we actually became profitable. This seems like a long time. But I felt strongly that if I took better care of the customer than anyone else could or would success was inevitable.

I could have gotten there faster, but I was determined to do it the right way. Every day, every customer needed to receive more than what they were promised. I wanted each first time client to see us as special. To this day 26 years later I draw incredible satisfaction when a customer calls in that we moved during those first few years. When these return customer’s call and tell the story of our humble beginning and what we felt we wanted to do I cannot explain to you the satisfaction.

Do the right things persistently and consistently

I felt deeply that by delivering radical service value would carry us to where we wanted to be. Expect ups and downs, in the end you will never be disappointed that you delivered as promised persistently and consistently.

Don’t allow the desire for short-term gain to trump treating every customer the way you would want to be treated. No doubt people are concerned about price but at the end of the day people want to be able to trust the folks they do business with. Be that partner and success is assured.

Recognizing Leaders & Building on Success

In 1984,1985 & 1986 I began studying Ed Katz owner of Peachtree Movers. I was working my way through college at Auburn University moving utilizing trucks normally used to transport rock & roll band equipment. Our profits were measured in hundreds or thousands. Ed Katz was working in a market that was exclusive & more lucrative. I took notes, read articles in industry trade magazine Direction. I called often to pick the brain of this forward thinking inventor.

Biz Plan, Better Mousetrap & a Bit of Dreaming

Little did I know but my inquiry & curiosity led to an informal but focused business plan. I went to some of my mentors with the idea of an elite commercial relocation company. Upon partnering with my lawyer & investor George Azar the first call we made was to Ed Katz. My partner & I spent a long Saturday together soaking up everything we could.

A new venture for us both, Ed Katz shared that he had been toying with the idea of teaching others about office moving. Ed solidified plans to teach office moving to others after our visit. While I was starting a business, Ed Katz took the step to becoming the office-moving guru that he is today. Unknowingly we became his first students for office moving which now finds Ed as the proven leader in office relocation.

Customer Focused Office Movers

Customer Focused Office Movers Admiral Movers Continues To Innovate 26 Years Later.

To learn more about the customer focused team at Admiral please fill out the form to the right or call 334-262-6666 we are here to help.


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Scott McNelley owner of Admiral Movers is a lifelong problem-solver and entrepreneur who uses creativity, ingenuity and hard work to find the best solutions for his moving and storage customers in Alabama and beyond. When a good solution doesn’t already exist, Scott creates one by “Imagineering” new equipment or systems that deliver the results his customers need and deserve. Scott’s first business was a small local moving company that he started while in college and later sold (the company is still in business today). He then started Admiral Movers, which has grown over the years into a much larger office moving firm, now known as “Montgomery’s Only True Office Mover.” With Admiral, Scott took office moving to the next level, by creating several revolutionary techniques and new moving equipment that he conceived and built in direct response to the unmet needs of his customers. Among other office move improvements, Scott created Admiral’s AirGlide℠ Computer Moving and Office Gondola℠ Systems, which together offer a truly “boxless, crateless” moving solution that better protects expensive equipment and gives customers better access to their property before, during and after a move. Encouraged by the success of Admiral Movers, Scott was able to expand his ability to serve his customers by starting two other enterprises: Redwood Properties, a real estate holding company, and Admiral Records Management (ARM), a document management and storage specialty firm and a proven leader in secure information transition, relocation, conversion and storage. Banks, hospitals, government agencies, the military, corporations, and medical practices have come to rely on ARM to maintain privacy, coordinate logistics, and provide the ultimate in protection of their client data. ARM is a natural extension of his work with Admiral, and Scott brought the same creativity and problem-solving ingenuity to the difficulties his customers face when managing their critical business records. With ARM, Scott introduced Intelligent Archiving, an unconventional approach to on-demand document scanning services that makes it easier and less expensive than ever for customers to transition to a fully-paperless office. Intelligent Archiving also safeguards patient privacy and ensures total compliance for customers in the medical and healthcare fields that are making the change. Scott’s efficient and cost-effective solutions have saved his customers money, time, backaches and headaches over the years, and his innovations, along with service that consistently exceeds expectations, are the biggest reasons his customers won’t go anywhere else for office moving or document management and storage assistance. Scott McNelley is a UniGroup stockholder, owner of Mayflower Transit, United Van Lines, UTS Worldwide and other Logistics related companies. Scott is a member of the Commercial Relocation Network comprised of the elite office movers in North America. To learn more about how Scott’s passion for creative problem-solving can help your firm with an office move or document management and storage, please visit: www.alwaysleading.com www.admiralmovers.com www.admiralrecordsmanagement.com Or you can simply email info@alwaysleading.com, or call 334-262-6666 or toll free (877) 816-3454 today!

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