As your business grows, so does your need for more space. At some point your office may need to redesign or relocate, which means moving your file room as well. Whether you’re just reconfiguring storage or you’ve outgrown your current office and need to move, hiring professional Montgomery office movers is critical. Professionals know the dynamics and details involved in a file room relocation. They can provide your company with the expertise and assistance you need to not only move your files from point A to point B, but also ensure they’re moved quickly and securely.

Efficient File Room Moving

Moving a file rooms is a complex process. Files must be kept in order, remain secure, and be relocated without disturbance and significant downtime. Having employees manage this tedious task can cost your company more than hiring reputable Montgomery office movers. This is because an efficient file room move requires protocols based on years of successful file room moving. Trained professionals have the expertise and services a file room move requires, including:

    • Inventory coding to ensure each file is moved and stored properly
    • Specialized packing that is secure and compliant with all regulations
    • Sequential packaging services
    • Off-site storage and record destruction services

Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality

Your company’s files often hold confidential customer or business information that must remain private. Professional Montgomery office movers use a secure chain-of-custody procedure to ensure there isn’t a breach during the moving process. Staff members are also prescreened and trained in all state and federal privacy requirements.

Montgomery office moversReputable records management and moving companies virtually eliminate the exposure risk your company faces during a file room move, which reduces your liability and potential for costly lawsuits. Having employees manage your files may seem like the best way to lower your liability, but your employees are not trained in professional file moving—thus increasing the risks for lost, stolen, or damaged files.

Boxless Office Moving and File Room Moves

Boxless moving is a new trend in file room relocations. The best Montgomery office movers use a boxless system that involves specially designed gondolas (essentially secure bookshelves on wheels) instead of traditional file boxes. These gondolas can be loaded much faster than traditional boxes, as well as keep files in order during transport. Businesses don’t have to waste time searching for boxes and manually placing files back in order. Everything is stored and moved as it would be on the shelves in your office. A boxless file room move enables your company to:

    • Secure all confidential files before, during, and after your office move
    • Save on time and reduce the frustration associated with the old way of moving file rooms, and decrease the amount of downtime caused by the move
    • Save on the cost of moving, since you won’t need boxes or staff to spend hours (or days, depending on the size of your office) loading and unloading boxes

Boxless file room relocations managed by professional Montgomery office movers are simple, fast, affordable, and hassle-free. Hiring a reputable file room moving company like Admiral Movers ensures minimal downtime, maximum security, and the least amount of liability in the process. We have moved some of the largest records file rooms in the country. Medical records facilities are a specialty that requires a thorough understanding of the privacy laws and proper chain of custody to protect clients.

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