Asset Management Medical Practices Can Help those Feeling the Financial Pinch

Asset Management Medical Practices Smart Storage

Asset Management Medical Practices Smart Storage

How Smart Storage & Asset Management Medical Practices Can Help Medical Practices Feeling the Financial Pinch. In an era of rising expenses, declining reimbursements, results-based compensation instead of fee-for-services, and uncertainty when it comes to future revenue, even medical practices are now feeling the financial pinch usually reserved for other sectors.  Cost and space efficiency has never been more important to medical practices— there is no longer a large pool of resources available to cover operational costs.

 Asset  Management Medical Practices 

The good news is there are many ways smart records storage, intelligent archiving and asset management can create previously untapped  efficiency that enhances revenue generation and cost-savings. Storage and Asset & Management can help medical practices feeling the financial pinch.

Better Space Utilization Saves Money AND Increases Revenue

Medical office space is among the most expensive in the market today, so every inch of your space should be dedicated to revenue-generating activities.  Storing records and other assets like equipment or furniture off-site opens up space for other uses like nurse practitioners or physician assistants, additional exam rooms, lab space, and for other ancillary services like massage therapy, audiology, speech therapy and more.

Additional services can be incorporated into the existing practice for additional revenue, or space can be subleased to others who provide these complementary services, resulting in rental income and convenience for patients.

Asset Management Medical Practices – Intelligent Archiving Yields Pay-As-You-Go Savings

Storing archival records off-site and scanning them only as they are needed frees up space, reduces conversion costs and greatly increases efficiency, we call this Intelligent Archiving.  You get the information you need delivered instantly, so your records are always available, and you pay only to convert the 5%-10% of records you actually need, not everything.  And your staff can spend their valuable time serving your patients, not scanning your records. This strategy of smart storage & asset management is helping medical practices, labs and Hospitals save money, operate efficiently and make better use of space.

Lower Costs and Increased Efficiency Will Benefit Your Medical Practice’s Bottom Line with Smart Asset Management

Decreasing your practice’s real estate footprint, maximizing the revenue generated with the space you do have, and increasing efficiency with intelligent archiving are just a few ways records storage and asset management can contribute to your practice’s profitability.  For more ideas on how our services can reduce your medical practice costs and increase your efficiency, please call me!  Your patients need you to stay profitable in a sustainable way, and I’ll be glad to help. If you want more information how smart storage & asset management can help medical practices feeling the financial pinch email me or call (877) 816-3454

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