Insider Secrets that Will Help You Save Money on Your Next Move I want to share insider secrets that will help you save money on your next moveAs with anything else in life, when it comes to moving, planning is everything!  What you may NOT know is that how and when you plan your move can DEFINITELY save you money  with these insider secrets that I’m happy to share: Avoid Peak Season

    • Peak household moving season runs from May 20th through September 7th-10th each year, and demand is highest between May 27th – June 10th and June 21st – July 8th.  Avoiding those dates will help you save on moving costs, as   prices are usually highest at peak times.
    • You’ll also get better service if you schedule your move outside of May 20th-September 10th, because your crew, consultant, coordinator, dispatcher and service staff will be more rested, less stressed and better able to serve you.
    • If you schedule more than 60 days prior to peak season, you will definitely see lower costs because peak season will not yet have pushed prices up to peak rates.
    • Movers who handle most of their business during peak season charge higher rates because they can—there are simply more moves than there are moving crews to handle them.  Scheduling outside peak season helps you avoid the supply/demand upward pressure on price.
      Insider Secrets that Will Help You Save Money

      Insider Secrets that Will Help You Save Money

Avoid the Busiest Time of the Month Because people usually want to be in their new location at the beginning of the month, it is always busiest between the 25th of any month and the 4th of the following month.  If you can schedule your move between the 8th and the 22nd of the month, you can typically save on your move– at Admiral, we may be able to discount your move by 10%-15%! Flexibility = Better Service + Savings The more flexibility you have on when you have to be loaded up and when your belongings need to be delivered, the more likely your mover can discount your rates.  It makes handling your move more attractive to the best drivers and crews if they can schedule your move around other obligations so they can rest between moves, and they will often show their appreciation for your flexibility by offering you a lower rate.  Plus you’ll usually get better service– most companies always do their best to serve you well, but in the end, movers are people, too, and if you’re easy to work with, they will work that much harder to do better for you! Lighten Your Load The easiest way to reduce the cost of moving is to simply move less stuff.  There is never a better time to donate or dispose of things you no longer need than when you’re moving.  It ALWAYS costs less to move less, so get rid of whatever you can and you’ll save money!  And if you CAN avoid storage, you definitely SHOULD – storage can be VERY expensive! For more cost-saving tips and recommendations on how you can keep your moving costs as low as possible, please call me at (334) 262-6666– I’ll be happy to share anything I know that will help you save money! Email me at or see more move solutions at For more articles related to Insider Secrets that Will Help You Save Money on Your Next Move see