Montgomery records and information management professionals (RIMpro) are held to a higher standard than your average records managers that offer the basics but simply don’t have the required expertise to develop and implement a comprehensive, customized records management plan. Qualified RIMpro companies deliver best practice solutions that improve record organization and cataloging, ensure compliance based on industry-specific rules and regulations, reduce risks and costly liabilities such as identity theft, increase operational efficiency and security, and dispose of records properly—just to name a few.

RIMpro companies follow best practices in all areas of records management, and can even become trusted advisors and risk managers for companies that want to stay on the cutting-edge of security and management of their confidential information.

Montgomery records and information managementWhy Use a RIMpro Company?

It is critical that a business have reliable records management practices in place for all types of media storage, so hiring the right company to handle every step of the process is paramount. RIMpro companies demonstrate best practices at every level and are the firms that stand out amongst other providers as the experts in the industry.

RIMpro programs provide a business with proactive, progressive data, media, and information management. With the growing number of laws and severe punishments associated with them, it is imperative that a company hire a Montgomery records and information management professional that implements a best practices system. Companies with a proven, comprehensive records and information management program will:

    • Preserve information for as long as it is legally required
    • Meet all state and federal regulations faster and more cost-effectively
    • Manage records and handle all destruction
    • Demonstrate consistent best practices implementation
    • Archive information for disaster recovery and continuity
    • Use the latest technology for better, more efficient storage
    • Review and audit a management program on a continual basis to improve where necessary
    • Offer shredding and destruction services
    • Virtually eliminate the threat of identity theft due to data breaches


Professional Montgomery records and information management companies offer consistency above all else. They develop a single records management and retention schedule and implement that program across the business. They have their own policies and procedures and ensure that their employees comply with them at all times. During record destruction, all records are destroyed in the same systematic way to avoid any data loss or breach.

Guiding Principles

A RIMpro company will typically follow some important guiding principles for its records and information management plan for every business. These principles can be broken up into four categories: retention, policies/procedures, accessing, and disposal.

    • Retention includes creating a universal retention schedule applied to all businesses; using a retention schedule that complies with federal, state, and local requirements for that business; examining the retention schedule every year to ensure it meets all applicable updates; and categorizing business records for more accurate retention.
    • Policies/procedures includes establishing business-wide records management practices; establishing disaster recovery procedures; determining the specific procedures for retention, access, destruction, and storage of all records; and defining the roles within the records management company for all aspects of storage.
    • Accessing includes indexing records with a systematic procedure; creating a record classification scheme by media type; ensuring on-site and off-site record storage provides consistency, security, confidentiality, and accessibility; and developing a formal review process for all records accessed.
    • Disposal includes determining an appropriate disposal method; ensuring duplicates and drafts are destroyed at the same time as the original; and discarding all documents once they have reached their retention period.

Failing to hire a records information and management professional can cause a company significant harm in all areas of the business. In addition to placing the company at risk for data security issues such as identity theft, poor records and information management typically results in a loss of productivity and profitability—not to mention peace of mind.

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