Moving in Summer Be Aware of Heat

moving summer heat,moving heat, heat exaustion, hydration, hot, As the heat approaches 100 degrees, it is hard to believe this is just the 1st day of summer. Summer is moving season. The weather can make a relocation a dangerous endeavor.  Whether you choose to relocate yourself or to employ a professional moving company, the heat is a factor to take into account. Exerting yourself packing, moving & lifting raises your body temperature and it can take a while to get your core body temperature back down. Heat stroke & heat exhaustion.

Some Tips to aid in moving in the heat

  • A move is a marathon, not a sprint pace yourself
  • Load day is just the halfway point, don’t overdo it there is plenty to do to set up a new home
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • Take breaks, at least one 10 minute break per hour
  • Relax blessed are the flexible for they will not break
  • Starting your move early in the morning to take advantage of the cooler hours

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