Business Records Management Outsourcing is Good Business

Proper business records management is vital to your company’s operations. Although outsourcing it is typically the best approach, there are big differences between providers and the scope of services they offer. If you’re in the market for a Montgomery records management company, it’s imperative that you perform your due diligence and research the firm you’re considering. To help make the process easier, ask these five questions to weed out companies that don’t adhere to best practices or provide the highest level of service.

How will my data be secured?

Security should be your first concern when hiring a business records management company in Montgomery. With technology constantly evolving, the threats of data breaches and identity theft are higher than ever. Your company’s sensitive information—such as financial records, employee data, and client information—can be easily breached if the right protocols aren’t in place to protect it. Use a business records management provider with ironclad security measures to safeguard your company’s information from the second it leaves your facility and throughout its storage life.

Your Montgomery records management company should have:

    • 24-hour digital security surveillance
    • Indoor & outdoor video monitoring
    • Controlled access exterior and interior as well
    • Secure loading docks
    • Authorized access to records
    • Comprehensive background checks on all staff members

Do you provide a cradle-to-grave service?

A cradle-to-grave service is one that stores your records throughout their life cycle—from creation to retention to destruction. Choosing a cradle-to-grave provider is important for making business records management as convenient, streamlined, and efficient as possible. You’ll also want a records management solution that is scalable so it can grow with you as your company’s physical and digital records management needs expand.

What is your records management experience?

business records managementNew Montgomery records management companies spring up each year and quickly close by the next. Remember that experience counts in this industry above all else. An experienced records manager will have already faced some of the industry’s most difficult challenges and created innovative solutions to meet customer needs. Ask how long the business records management company has been in business and the extent of its experience (such as how many companies they serve on an annual basis). Verify that information by asking for recommendations as well. You’ll want to work with a provider that has a stellar reputation and one that has serviced customers in the same industry as your business.

What other fees am I looking at?

There are fees associated with business records management that can go beyond just the initial quote. You will want to get the complete picture on what you’ll pay over the course of the contract by asking about any hidden fees. These fees can include:

Business Records Management points to consider

    • Administration fees
    • Removal fees—including early termination of contract, withdrawal fees, or retrieval fees
    • Transportation fees—including pickup and delivery

When can I access my records?

It’s important that you know how you can access documents stored at the Montgomery records management facility. If you need a record immediately or after hours, will you have access to it? What about holidays or weekends? Does the company offer online access or can you reach a customer representative? Ask about scan on-demand options so you can quickly retrieve records on an as-needed basis.

Being unable to access your records when and how you need them can have a serious impact on your business. You only want to work with a business records management company that makes the retrieval process fast and easy and provides first-class customer service.

Admiral Records Management has a reputation for excellence in all areas of business records management. We have a state-of-the-art, high-security facility that keeps your company’s records secure while providing convenient access. Get answers to all of your questions by calling the Montgomery records management experts at 877.816.5430 or by filling out the contact form on

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