Staging Homes To Sell Fast, Save On Moving Costs

Here is a move tip for staging homes to sell faster, for a better price and as an extra bonus you will save on moving costs.

Making your home look roomy is a key part in staging a home. Shredding old documents will help with clutter. Shredding old records will also help prevent Identity theft. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in today’s world.Staging Homes Save Money

And guess what shedding and destroying unneeded documents will save money on your move. Volume is the biggest driver of relocation costs. Long distance, and storage moves are done by weight – reduce weight reduce costs. Local moves are hourly, less to move = less time. When your home looks roomy it sells faster. Prospective buyers want to feel as if they are buying a spacious new home. Closets & attics full of stuff makes a house cramped. Houses that have wonderful storage spaces always look and appeal more.

And since you sorted through and destroyed old records ahead of time preparing for the busy move time is simpler and faster. Some moving companies also are in the Records Management business. Ask them if they will do the shredding for you. A company like Admiral Records Management is a perfect example. We know because we happen to own that business as well as Admiral Movers.

    • Staging homes sells
    • Shredding helps prevent Identity Theft
    • Shredding and recycling is environmentally friendly
    • Reducing and sorting old documents will expedite the move process
    • Shredding and donating items no longer needed reduces moving costs

If you are moving with Admiral Movers we will shred up to 200lbs. of documents FREE. For more tips on staging homes or reducing moving costs fill out the form to the right or call (877) 816- 3454