Sales call from A Temp agency Privacy violation

Sales Call From A Temp Agency

Sales Call From A Temp Agency

Sales Call From A Temp Agency – Temporary employees being used to handles privacy elements, protected information is begging for Identity Theft! I am in the privacy business; I am also in the opportunity prevention business. Most identity thefts are enabled by weak controls, and easy opportunity. Perhaps my senses are more easily offended by obvious lapses in judgment, especially when they expose a client to liability. With that being said let me relay a little story to you.

One morning a few weeks back I took a sales call from a temp agency (temporary employment agency), I knew the fellow so I made time for him. His pitch kind of startled me he said “I have been supplying day labor for a competitor of yours and was hoping I could help you”. I did not really know what to say besides I would keep him in mind. My clients are lawyers, doctors and banks, and hospitals who are under strict rules regarding protecting patient, client, and customer privacy. How on earth can I employ a person who was unemployed yesterday and make him a records storage worker or mover the next? Temporary Employees being used to handles privacy elements, protected information is begging for identity theft.

Many of our well-known competitors in the records storage or commercial moving realm don’t do enough large projects, pickups and sizable re-locations. So I can understand that they can’t justify keeping a staff of trained employees for a large 3-4 day project. But I am flabbergasted that a business that MAIN FOCUS is the protection of their client files would hire day laborers to send into their clients offices. The liability is huge, for the records storage business and the entity that hired them. Our company performs dozens of 15-20 person relocation’s of file rooms, offices, labs and hospitals so we have the manpower available and trained. All have extensive background investigations, have signed confidentiality agreements & are trained in how to protect information. A temporary employee, or day laborer has no idea that they may never leave protected material must never be left unattended. Doors can not be left open to buildings and trucks must not be left unattended. It is imperative that your potential vendor, records management company or  mover use Secure Chain Of Custody Relocation practices to perfect the chain of custody in a provable manner. A good records management company will have enough well-trained employees to relocate, shred and store your records without a breach.

When one of my competitors gets a large order that is larger than their permanent workforce can handle I am sure a sales call from a temp agency is tempting. My notion is that what you have is a recipe for disaster. ID theft is growing faster than law enforcement can keep up with it.

 Sales Call From Temp Agency  

Who will be handling your files, computers & sensitive data? All of our employees must pass a comprehensive background investigation, drug test, and show a clean background. With identity theft on the rise I cannot possibly justify placing a possible criminal element “inside” one of my customers operation. Protect yourself, your clients, your stockholders and yourself investigate the operations and hiring practices of any vendor who may have access to your data, charts and records. In this increasingly litigious environment and tough economy more people will be viewing you as a financial jackpot. Don’t give them a clear target; protect yourself, your reputation and your clients. Quality movers or records storage businesses will screen all employees beware of vendors who work with day labor may appear to be a cheap alternative. Ask your self, “can you endure the headaches and bad PR when something goes wrong”? You should find out where your potential vendor gets their employees. If you do not you may be seeking an employment agency to help you find a new job, for yourself and your co-workers.

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