Going Paperless Without Going Broke

Going Paperless Without Going Broke

Going Paperless Without Going Broke

Going paperless is the way of the future when it comes to records management and storage—it gives you better records security, better access and collaboration, better preservation of your critical information and it’s better for the environment. But, what do do with the back-files, digitizing large amounts of records & the accompanying hardware and software is ridiculously expensive. But, going paperless doesn’t have to mean going broke.

Do I Need to Convert Everything to Go Paperless?

Once you’ve decided to join the 21st century and go paperless, the first question you’ll need to answer is what to do about your existing records—should you convert all of them into digital files up front?

That’s certainly one option, and some customers really do need everything converted to stay efficient.  But in our experience, most customers don’t need to do that—most firms only need to access 5%-10% of the information their records contain on a regular basis, so scanning every single file at once is expensive overkill.

The Smarter Choice: Intelligent Archiving

With Intelligent Archiving, you only scan records as they are needed.  So your paper records are stored securely, and when requested, they are scanned and delivered as digital files with the associated security and access improvements.  You save on delivery time and scanning costs, and get the information you need even faster than when physical delivery is required.

An Efficient, Cost-Effective Solution

Intelligent Archiving of your records to digital files is more efficient than fussing with pickup, delivery and cataloging of paper records, and more cost-effective than a full-fledged up-front conversion to all digital—your files are sent to you by email or uploaded to our secure web portal for instant access, and you pay only for what you need, as you need it.  For most customers, it truly is the smartest option.

Going Paperless Without Going Broke

To learn more about how Intelligent Archiving could work for your company, and to get an honest assessment of whether it would be the best choice for you, please contact us today!  You could be on your way to the freedom and flexibility of a Paperless Office before you know it! Fill out the form to the right or call 334-396-5430 and we will be glad to show you how going paperless doesn’t have to mean going broke.

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