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If you must box, box smart. Our “Boxless Move” is the best way to move your files and property, because our gondola system allows you greater access to your records throughout your relocation, and is the fastest way to load and unload your records.  But even we know that sometimes, for organizational purposes or keeping “hot files” handy and portable, boxes are called for.

All Boxes are NOT Created Equal Box Smart

Not all boxes are the same.  Your boxes need to be the right size, so your files fit correctly and easily without being too heavy to move.  They need to have handles, so you can easily move and carry them, and be stack-able  to minimize the space they take up.  They need to be sturdy enough to protect your files from damage due to crushing or buckling.  And in a perfect world, they would also be recyclable, to minimize any negative environmental impact.

Box Smart if you must box box smart

Box Smart Office Tote Admiral Movers

Introducing The Perfect Box 

We have The Perfect Box– our reusable Office Totes.  The best thing about our totes is their size—they are configured to fit regular or legal-sized files easily, and with a weight capacity of 60 pounds.  they are large enough to hold a lot of information while still being small enough that they can easily be moved or carried.  Constructed from heavily corrugated cardboard with cutout handles and fitted, self-closing lids, they are more than sturdy enough to protect your records, and will support the weight of other boxes if you stack them.

All That AND They’re “Green” Box Smart

Because they’re so well-constructed, our totes are reusable for years, and because they’re made of cardboard, they are completely recyclable.  So our office totes give you the storage and protection you need, the ease-of-use you want, and the environmental friendliness you prefer.  What more could you ask for in a box? Plastic crates which have recently been popping up for office moves are an awful idea, causing more volume, more work for you & your employees. Lastly plastic crates for an office move ensure the “moving hangover” that will zap moral, drain productivity & money.

“The Best Box for Your Buck”

So for those situations where nothing but a box will do, please contact us to learn more about how our Office Totes are the simply best box for your buck! If You Must Box, Box Smart!