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As Admiral Movers marks 25 years in business, it causes me to be somewhat sentimental. Some of the best times were rewarding yet difficult. Growing, learning, building our reputation and now here we are as one of the largest in our area. I could not begin to pick out one particular project that is my favorite because there been so many and each one of them unique.

In March of 1989, George Azar and I set out to create the best local moving company in Montgomery. As we began to set up a corporation we received a phone call and booked our very first move. Because of the type of furniture and the talent of the customer, it turned out to be no ordinary move.

The work was being done for Bobby McAlpine in his own personal residence. Mr. McAlpine was remodeling his house and updating the furnishings. Our task was to pack up everything from the house, load the furniture, take it into storage for about two months, and then bring it all back and place it to the exact specifications of the customer.

Shortly thereafter the architecture firm that Bobby McAlpine had founded was moving their office into what has become my all-time favorite structure, The Sabel Mansion. That building on Perry Street is an incredible piece of architecture that continues to stand today as a marvel in my eyes. McAlpine Tankersley Architecture was growing in size but more importantly stature.

 McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier Interior Design

McAlpine Tankersley Architecture has now grown to serve clients nationally and internationally, creating some of the most amazing residences and commercial buildings. Bobby McAlpine’s interior design practice, McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors, has sculpted interiors along with McAlpine Furniture that creates handcrafted furniture to complement the incredible architecture that the firm designs. We have enjoyed many incredible projects from them as well as the architecture firm itself.

Many of the projects that we have done consisted of receiving pieces that are not of the average nature and require some unique measures to get them to where they need to be and get them installed. They offer some pretty unique logistical challenges and with our talented movers to make it happen is fun.
Whether it be a cabin at Lake Martin, a historic home in Old Cloverdale, Atlanta, Nashville, Rosemary Beach, Colorado, or New York you can always count on Admiral Movers to provide the highest level of service to you and your clients.

Needless to say the furniture pieces from McAlpine Home are one of a kind. At times they present some issues that we have to overcome – developing or building special protection so that they can transported safely during shipping.

We have moved 1100 pound granite slabs up three flights of stairs to make the right setting for a table.

We have created several joist and pulleys to lift things over balconies or back porches to get items of extra-large size into the right places.

Many times in the overseas trips that are taken, they find pieces and have them shipped to us. Then we have to make arrangements for special shipping and interesting crating for those items, such as an 18th-century bench of grist Mill Stone and massive statues.

Another unique requirement is because of the deadlines for photographing and/or presenting a party or showing the new project off to the clients. Speed and efficiency is typically an important ingredient.

One memorable piece as we went into the new A&P Lofts for the office of McAlpine Tankersley in Montgomery was a 19 feet tall 15 foot wide mirror gold leaf. Because of the size, it was required that the door, door facing, and door jamb come out and some of the bricks be removed. It would not fit into the elevator and the stairs were zigzag, so we used 12 men to pass it to one another.

It was probably about 800 to 900 pounds of very fragile gold leaf frame mirror. It had to be touched very delicately because of its size and composition. The way it was heading up the stairs we had to take the crating and all the padding off. The danger was that at any time the glass could have shattered. Our people had to work harmoniously together for the transportation to go smoothly.

One time we showed up in Nashville with about $2 million worth of very high-end furnishings only to find out that the front Archway up the hill blocked us from getting our truck up close to the building. So we created a rope and dolly cart system and frame to pull the big pieces up and down and unload the truck.

Bobby McAlpine about Admiral Movers

Bobby McAlpine says “Admiral Movers has moved me more times than I can remember. They are practically on speed dial as I continually assemble and strike the sets of my house and many clients’ houses. They are a trusted part of the stable of talent and strength it takes to do this work and live this life of design. For more than 25 years now we have transported and assembled beauty coast to coast, an adventure in arms that will see me through many more.”

To so many of our customers, but especially to Bobby McAlpine, Greg Tankersley, Mary Robin Jurkiewicz, John Sease, Chris Tippet, Ray Booth, Susan Ferrier, and Richard Norris – we appreciate the confidence you’ve had in us to handle your work. And just as importantly, that you have trusted us to take care of your biggest, best, and most valued customers. We have a tremendous group of clients that have been with us from almost the beginning. We view their continued patronage as the greatest award and recognition. Admiral Movers looks forward to continuing this partnership with McAlpine Tankersley for many years in the future.

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