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Moving? protect confidential info

Moving?  Protect Confidential Info with Secure Chain of Custody Relocation

Moving?  Protect confidential info with Secure Chain of Custody Relocation. Moving is madness, or at least it feels that way!  Even the best-planned, most organized move feels like it’s barely-controlled chaos at best.  To further complicate things, you have confidential customer information that you MUST safeguard, even during the chaos of a move, or risk a breach of privacy and the stiff fines, penalties and damage to your reputation that could result.

Your customers’ confidential information is never more at risk of exposure than during a move.

All of your usual operating protocols and security safeguards are suspended when you’re relocating.  Your records are taken from their safe, locked file cabinets and storage areas, and moved out in the open until they get to their new home and your regular security practices are re-engaged.  And God only knows what happens when your records actually leave the building and are on a truck somewhere on the road…

Also, in case you didn’t know– yes, you’re 100% responsible for how your vendors (like movers, for example) handle your customers’ information.  Puts a whole different spin on things, doesn’t it?  Your movers really DO have your business in their hands! Protect yourself, your business, managers, stockholders when moving. By protect confidential info your most valuable asset, secure chain custody relocationMoving protect confidential info, secure chain custody relocation Hippa protects you, your clients, employees and your entire business from liability.

So how do you ensure end-to-end security and total compliance breach protection throughout a move?

Working with a vendor that knows and applies Secure Chain of Custody best practices throughout the moving process, including while your records are in transit from one location to another is not just good business it could save your business.  Secure Chain of Custody means your records are fully secured throughout the transfer, and there is a carefully documented visual and written record of exactly where your records are and who has custody of them at each moment.

There are a number of ways to secure records besides keeping them in locked containers, like sealing them in plastic, for example, and a number of industry-specific protocols to be followed to stay compliant, like using security seals and limiting authorization to break them to one person.  A good records and information management firm that is also an expert mover knows and will tell you exactly what steps you need to take to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements while still being efficient in your move.

Moving? protect confidential info, secure chain custody relocation

At Admiral, we’ve even incorporated total compliance protection into our box-less move, when items are stored on open gondolas or carts using our AirGlide® system for easy access.  How we do it is our secret, but if you need our help moving your records using Secure Chain of Custody, we’ll be happy to put our years of specialized industry-specific compliance experience to work for you.

Please do yourself (and your company) a favor– make sure whoever is moving your confidential records knows how to protect you from privacy breach.  If you need advice on moving and protected confidential info, secure chain custody relocation and what questions to ask your mover to ensure they actually do know their stuff, please call me–  I’ll be glad to tell you what to look for.

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