Plastic Crate Moving for an Office Move are an Awful Idea

Plastic crate moving makes perfect sense if you are the company trying to sell or rent them to customers. If your company is relocating plastic crates make zero sense. Many of these so-called office movers and the manufacturers are pushing crates as “green” because they are reusable. The “evidence is mounting that the chemical building blocks that make plastics so versatile are the same components that might harm people and the environment.” Plastic takes a ton of energy to produce; furthermore, it fills our oceans, and sits in our landfills for literally centuries. Hard plastic items (such as crates) have a low bio-degradation rate. An alternative is the reusable cardboard tote. This requires no tape and, because of their construction,can be reused dozens of times. Cardboard totes also fold down flat, and are easy to store in a small space if you are so inclined. But remember, the biggest productivity killer is, once boxes and plastic crates are sealed and or stacked, you are out of business. My goal is to help you say no to plastic crate moving.

Plastic Crate Moving Box-lesss is best Plastic Crates Office Move Awful Idea

Plastic Crate Moving for Office Moves an Awful Idea

Plastic crate moving – just say NO!

There are also situations where items need to be stored for a long period of time so you have to use boxes. But, if it just needs to be mobile and then accessed, the gondolas are so easy.

For a move (especially an office move) plastic crates actually expand the size of your move. Plastic moving crates weigh a whopping 8-9 lbs each when they are empty. And average office move would have 120 crates so you have just added around 1,000 lbs to you move. Increased size means more work for your staff, and the movers, more truckloads (more fuel burned) and more cost. Also the extra downtime will cost you in productivity which means lost revenue to your company.

The commercial movers truly focused on serving their customers employ a box-less gondola system. Bookshelves on wheels of different sizes, E-carts, AirGlide computer wraps, speed packs, and secure relocation methods. Everything you might normally place in a box can go on the shelves, since the shelves lean inward at 12 degree angle. Instead of a top we use heavy-duty shrink-wrap to secure belongings in order. You can clearly see your contents (or we can use seals so they are private) and the real beauty is no packing. They can be loaded in a tenth of the time of boxes, or plastic (box) crates. But best of all you have access to all your contents as soon as they arrive at destination. You avoid the moving hangover associated with a box or plastic crate move. Your business is up & running immediately allowing you to begin generating revenue.

Avoiding plastic crate moving saves time & money

Because gondolas load in about 10% of the time a boxed or plastic crate move takes you avoid shutting down the office, and your coworkers avoid all that time packing & unpacking.  Gondolas also allow 2 men to move what would normally take 4-5. They load onto and off of truck so much faster that boxes & plastic crates. Less moving time means a lower move cost. Less downtime means less payroll leak for your company. Once you have enjoyed the ease, efficiency, and lowered cost of a box-less gondola move you will never return to plastic (boxes) crates or cardboard boxes.

Why are so many so-called office movers pushing the plastic crates? Perhaps they don’t know any better, or maybe they have so much invested in plastic crates, that they have no choice but to keep selling them. Gondolas, with our engineered non marking, non skid wheels are expensive to produce. This expense prevents many of these “office movers” from making the next step. Nevertheless, we have done it because, at the end of the day, it is the right thing for our customers. A true ” crate-less” and “box-less” move is the ultimate in GREEN, and sustainable. I have been using most of my gondolas for over twenty years.

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