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“Should I Stay or Should I Go?”– How to Avoid Your Next Move

I bet the last thing you’d expect to hear from the owner of a moving company or records storage company is ideas on how to avoid your next move.  I am all about business development, increasing sales and earning new business. But at Admiral, part of our customer-centric approach is to help you do what’s best for YOU, and making you aware of ALL of your options is part of that.  There are definitely times when you can avoid the hassle and inconvenience of a move, and we’re glad to help you do that if it’s the right choice for you. But maybe you just need to reduce clutter and improve work flows.“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” – How to Avoid Your Next Move

Companies move for a lot of different reasons, but the reason I hear the most is, “We need more space.”  While it’s true that companies grow beyond their current space, there are also many ways to create more space at your existing location you may not have thought of. Here are a few ideas that can help:


When was the last time you took an honest look at how you are using your space?  Most companies plan well when they’re first moving into a new space, but over time, their needs change and they don’t always think ahead when they’re reconfiguring.  They need a new workstation, so they just drop a desk in a corner.  Or a team member leaves and the space that person was using morphs into a records dumping ground, where files and supplies just “collect” and multiply.

But every so often, it’s good to step back and really think about how your space is allocated and laid out—is the room you have really being used for the activities that generate revenue for you?  Are team members near those they collaborate with most often?  Is old office equipment or archival records clogging up space that would be better used for active workspace?

Store Off-Site

Off-site storage is a great way to move things you don’t use or need every day out of your way to make room for the things you do need.  It’s convenient and cost-effective if you’re working with a company that provides responsive service—they’ll deliver what you need when you need it, typically on the same day you ask for it, and they’ll pick it up and take it back to storage when you’re done.  We do this for our customers all the time, and they love the ease of access.

Go Digital

If you’re using a lot of space for filing and records storage, have you considered converting the information to digital files?  You’ll still have the information, but it won’t take up your valuable office and floor space.  You can convert all of your records at once, or just as you need them—the choice is yours.


How much of what you currently have on-hand is “stuff” you don’t actually need?  Old records, old equipment, supplies you no longer need or use… maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and finally get rid of all of the stuff that’s cluttering up your space. Segregate, shred, purge and recycle.

Whether You Stay or Go, We’re Here to Help!

At Admiral Movers, we’re always more than happy to help you move quickly and efficiently.  But when it’s better for you to NOT move, we’re also glad to help you stay put and make the most of your existing space.  Please contact me today to learn more about ways we can help you create more usable space exactly where you are!  I’ll be glad to help you take a hard look at how you’re using the space you have and come up with a plan that ensures you’re making the most of it.

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