Weil Family & Weil Brothers Cotton – Long Time Customers

Weil Family MovesIn our line of work we get to see many interesting projects and deal with some very interesting folks. Many that have achieved a lot in business, and in charity. The Weil Family moves have allowed us to develop lasting memories and relationships.

One move that stands out in my mind is when we were tasked with moving Weil Brothers Cotton into their new facility.  Founded in 1878, the Weil Company was managed at the time by the two descendants of the company’s founder, Robert Weil, II and Adolph Weil, Jr.  In 1991, they were moving from downtown Montgomery to a facility out in east Montgomery.

One thing of note was that the two brothers who were also partners sat across from each other at a lovely wood partner’s desk. The word was that each and every major decision had to have the approval from both in order to get the go ahead.  An interesting arrangement to say the least. You must understand that this was no ordinary company, this family had built the third largest cotton brokerage in the world, and spawned the Lehman Brothers financial empire.

Moves of any size can put people under tremendous stress, but all I saw were two regal gentlemen. They learned the names of the crew members, and called them by their name.  They were warm and engaging. It was truly refreshing.  It filled the crew members with pride and a sense of doing important work.

The entire load was filled with beautiful and delicate antiques and fragile artwork. Normal moving crews could not have pulled off a complicated move such as this, and without as much as a scratch. At the end of the project the two partners met each crew member with a heartfelt thank you and a sincere handshake.

Weil Artwork Shipped to Dartmouth and Boston

Later on in 1992, the Weil family asked us to transport pieces of their valuable Old Master prints collection to the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College for display.  The collection of works they donated to the museum included pieces from some of the greatest European printmakers: Andrea Mantegna, Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jacques Callot, Canaletto, Francisco Goya, William Blake, and Camille Pissarro.

We reached out to our network affiliates at Unigroup to determine the safest way to protect and transport the artwork.  After much research a solid plan was developed. We used acid-free Museum bags, or “sealed envelopes” if you will, to do the initial sealing of the artwork. Then we wrapped them in a combination of soft sided linen/paper wraps. These were specifically designed for museum portrait packing. Additionally, we wrapped each piece of artwork in another six-inch layer of Dolphin Wrap, a spongy durable foam.  Three layers of wrapping to protect against the environment and other potential damaging risks. This system was an early edition of floating cushion packing that we use regularly the AirGlide®

We then built a special crating system especially for this project.  Each piece was individually packed in a reinforced crate and security seals placed on the outside. Then each individual crate was completely sealed in a waterproof outer covering.

As a further precaution to ensure each piece arrived safely and were not separated, we took the air ride / climate controlled truck and built a reinforced bulk head master crate which would hold all of the individual crates inside of it.  Inside this crate we built a set of sliding shelves that allowed each crated to float in about 1 foot of heavy gauge bubble wrap.  The master crate was also tracked and monitored by another security seal. The individual crates and the reinforced master crate essentially both road on a cushion of air.  Angle iron secured the entire structure inside the air ride van.

The dedicated truck was then sent directly to Dartmouth for delivery.  We later delivered artwork for display at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.  It remains one of the most unique projects we have ever done.

Over the years we have completed dozens projects for members of the Weil family.  Most recently we divided up the estate of Jean Kaufman Weil and shipped different pieces around the country.  Working with the family members and seeing them go through some of the pictures and memorabilia really was interesting. This is one of those relationships that makes being in business memorable and rewarding.

Laurie Weil Camp Smile a Mile a labor of love

We participate in the many philanthropic efforts with the family. Each year we assist them in bringing Camp Smile A Mile to fruition, by transporting luggage, bags and provisions to the camp.  We don’t do much in the grand scheme of all it takes to pull off such an endeavor as the camp as a whole, but it is a complete labor of love. And it allows us and our employees to help create some smiles.

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The entire Weil family has been dedicated not only to quality and devotion in business but also in their philanthropic endeavors, blessing our entire community with their efforts.  We are truly honored to have them as clients and look forward to continuing to serve them in the coming years.

We value all our customers and the wonderful relationships we build along the way.  We celebrate 25 years in business and are very thankful to our clients, employees, family and friends. If you need help with a relocation, storage or logistics issue please call or fill out the form to the right. We’re here to listen.