You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

Everybody’s looking to save money nowadays, and saving on movers seems like an easy call.  Anybody with two arms and two legs can move a box from point A to point B, right?  It’s a simple task that day laborers or even that guy who lives up the street and his buddy could do—why wouldn’t you just hire them for the job and save money?

You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

Because your information is only as secure as the people who handle it, and exposing your customers (and yourself!) to identity theft can cost you your business –  plain and simple.

I was recently approached by someone who wanted to supply day laborers for my company to use for office moves.  They were already working with one of our competitors and figured we might also be a good client.

My answer was an unqualified, “No way.”

My company is entrusted with our customers’ most privileged information and that of their customers—we move medical offices, legal firms, financial companies and other customers with highly-sensitive records.  Nobody steps foot onto one of MY customers’ properties unless they have surpassed MY standards for security—and I’m a Security Hawk, so that means:

    • A FULL background investigation and drug test (and we update our background checks OFTEN to make sure nothing has changed!)
    • EXTENSIVE training in privacy protection and compliance requirements (and we do that on an ongoing basis, too)
    • STRICT supervision at every step of the moving process—nobody is left alone with access to sensitive information, so there’s not even a temptation for them to do wrong
    • An assessment of their CHARACTER, so I know they will handle my customers’ information like they do their own

I’m proud of the fact that we’ve built a CULTURE of CHARACTER and SERVICE, with processes and safeguards that screen out all but people with the highest level of integrity.  Then we teach them what they need to know to vigorously protect our customers, and we make them EARN the privilege of handling the most sensitive information each and every day.

You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes? I trust my staff with MY information every single day—if I couldn’t do that, how could I ever trust them with YOURS? 

Breach of confidentiality isn’t just a compliance problem that could bankrupt your company with fines and penalties—it’s also a reputation problem, because you will never live down having exposed your customers to identity theft or worse.

DON’T make the mistake of saving a buck on movers but risking your business’ survival.  I’ve seen it happen.  Call me, and I’ll tell you about it. I would implore you to ask yourself  “You’re Going to Let WHOM Move Your Boxes?

Some risks just AREN’T worth taking.  If you would like to discuss please fill out the form to the right or call 334-262-6666.

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