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Intelligent Archiving

Admiral Records Management unveils Intelligent Archiving

Montgomery, Alabama, March 8, 2011 – Admiral Records Management is pleased to announce the introduction of Intelligent Archiving, the ultimate in scan-on-demand efficiency for clients who need immediate access to stored records.  Rather than pulling and delivering a file to a client, the file is retrieved, scanned, and returned to its storage location in Admiral’s protected records center.  The client can then access the file via a secure web connection and download it onto the business’ server, document management system, or onto a disc.  Effectively, record storage clients will save money, save time, and go paperless through this innovative approach to digitally archiving documents.

Going Paperless Without Going Broke

Going paperless without going broke!  We are here to help. All of the benefits of a electronic retrieval & storage at a fraction of the costs. This practical solution is the ultimate in scan on demand convenience. Intelligent Archiving also aids in Business Continuity and disaster recovery. Intelligent Archiving dovetails wonderfully with an EMR, EHR or any document management program.

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