BankTrust Moves Headquarters in Mobile

BankTrust Move

BankTrust Move

Facing a huge multiple-office move, BankTrust knew they would need an experienced mover with the ability and specialized expertise to move approximately 200 employees to a new location securely and with minimal downtime.  They chose Admiral Movers for the job.

Why?  Because Admiral Movers, a Mayflower agent, offers easy solutions to all of their moving challenges.

Challenge #1:  Need Total Coordination of a Large Move Involving Approximately 200 Offices

It is difficult enough to move everything from one location to another, but with about 200 locations, BankTrust knew they needed some expert help.  They needed:

    • a comprehensive budget for the entire move
    • a plan for the move that ensured everything would come together from all of their locations as quickly as possible in their new location
    • a coordinator to make sure the movers and their other vendors could access the space in the order they needed to without conflicting or colliding with each other.  That way, essential services like voice and data connectivity would already be set up in anticipation of their arrival, there would be no parking, loading, unloading or access conflicts, and each stage of the process would be handled in the most efficient order.

For this challenge, Admiral’s Total Office Move Management was the perfect solution.

Challenge #2:  Need to Ensure Delicate, Expensive Computer Equipment is Moved Safely and Securely

BankTrust has a great deal of expensive and specialized computer equipment, and needed to know their most valuable physical assets were in good hands who would properly protect them during the transition.

Admiral’s Air-Glide Computer Move System is part of their IT Relocation Support Services, and ensures all electronics are protected by heavy-gauge, anti-static bubble wrap, securely locked down on computer carts for maximum stability, and then air-glided to their final destination.  No damage, no problem!


Challenge #3:  Need Guaranteed End-to-End Security of Confidential Information During the Move

Customer financial information is among the most highly-protected there is—there is absolutely no room for exposure of confidential information whatsoever.  The penalties are just too high.

Admiral offers Secure Chain-of-Custody Relocation, which ensures total compliance with all security requirements during your entire move, from packing to unpacking and everything in-between.  So BankTrust knows without question they (and their customers) will be fully protected during the move.

Challenge #4:  Need Someone They Can Trust to Handle the Job Right, with Total Accountability

Admiral has a proven track record of service and success in complex, multiple-location moves involving expensive equipment and requiring ultra-tight security—the certainty that the move would be done right is what finally convinced BankTrust that Admiral would be the right choice.

If your firm like a BankTrust Move needs help with a big move, let a true professional sweat the details for you—please contact Admiral today to learn more about our full menu of specialized moving services!