Moving Soon?  How a Move Can Move Your Records Management in the Right Direction

A pending office move is a wake-up call when it comes to how you are handling your critical records—if you haven’t been keeping up with your records management, moving time is payback time, and it can be expensive!

Minimizing Your Move Saves Time, Money and Risk

It will cost you more (both in time and money) to pack, move and unpack records that really should be archived or destroyed, and will make an already cumbersome process that much more unwieldy.  And moving files exponentially increases the risk that confidential information could be exposed to prying eyes, which can be enormously expensive if a privacy breach occurs.

The good news is a move can also be a terrific opportunity to put your records management efforts on the right path for efficiency and security, which will save you time, money and aggravation in the long run.  And if you do it right, you’ll never again have to deal with a massive backlog of old records—you’ll know you have only the records you need and that the rest have been securely archived or destroyed according to your records management plan.

4 Simple Steps to Minimizing Your Move and Getting Control of Your Records Forever

To fix your records management issues for good is actually a relatively easy process with four simple steps:

    • Purge the records you no longer need according to your retention schedule
    • Shred unneeded records to securely and completely destroy them
    • Move your stored records off-site, for greater efficiency, lower cost and safer storage
    • Manage your records proactively from this point forward

If you need help with any of the following tasks, we recommend you contact a RIM (Records Information Management) professional: More and more a hybrid service provider is emerging part mover and part RIM Pro. (see Admiral Movers or Admiral Records Management.

    • setting up an appropriate records retention schedule that will keep your business compliant and efficient
    • ensuring your shredding/destruction is handled securely and properly with no risk of privacy breach
    • finding a good off-site storage facility that will handle your records correctly so they (and you) are protected
    • implementing an end-to-end records management plan covering all stages of your records’ life cycle

Interested in how a move can move your records management in the right direction? A reputable RIM firm will be happy to help you handle each of the four steps to minimize your move and your records management cost and time investment.  To learn more about how we can help with any or all of your records management needs in anticipation of an upcoming move, please contact us today!

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4 Ways Records Storage from a Specialist Benefits Your Company’s Bottom Line