Intelligent Archiving

Intelligent Archiving is the ultimate in scan-on-demand efficiency for clients who need immediate access to records, have multiple locations, have offices in other cities or states, or who are going paperless. Rather than pulling and delivering a file, the file is traced, scanned, and returned to its storage location in Admiral’s protected records center. The file can be accessed via a secure web connection or delivered to your server, email, or wherever you choose.

Intelligent Archiving

Intelligent Archiving

Going Paperless

When a business wants to go paperless, the common notion is the need to grab all old files and documents and scan them. This “back-file processing” is just impractical (the cost alone will blind you) when you realize over time you need only 5-10% of the information.

Archive Intelligently

We have the solution. First, implement a paperless system going forward (“day-forward processing”). Second, place your old files in our records center, and, using Intelligent Archiving, Admiral will scan your files when you need them. When you request a file or document we will retrieve, scan and deliver it to you in a digital format. You can then download these files onto your server, document management system, or we can provide you with a disc. Effectively you will be saving money and time by archiving only the documents you need. That’s intelligent.


Intelligent Archiving is the ultimate in killing two birds with one stone. You save time and the cost of shipment or delivery, while at the same time digitally archiving the file. We are here to help you manage the task of dealing with today’s information rich world.

Digital archiving at Admiral is scalable – virtually limitless. InfoKeeper, our client on-line records management software, is web-based and backed up to secure data servers, giving you full control over which documents you want and when. And, because the data is web-based, you only pay for the Internet space you need.

To help make the transition to paperless smooth, efficient, and cost-effective, you can set an automatic destruction date for your paper documents. In addition, having your digitized records on a secure server provides protection in the event of a disaster should the unthinkable occur.

Intelligent Archiving gives you peace of mind knowing you are streamlining operations, increasing productivity, and giving your employees more time to focus their attention on customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Archiving works like this

    • You request a file using our software or through email, fax, or even a phone call
    • We locate and pull your record, then digitally scan it
    • Your document is uploaded to a secure web portal or to your email
    • You can leave it on the web repository, forward it to email, print it, or archive it to your server

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